Friday, November 11, 2016

Mama Made

 Let's talk about Mama Made!

 For our new folks, Mama Made was a line we used to make that allowed you to finish a doll to your own liking.

Basically,  We did the hard part for you, we made the body.  Then you stitched the eyes and mouth and attached your own hair.

We had a special FB group to chat about it and there were full length videos to follow.  We made it all very easy for you.


After chatting and listening to many of you, we have decided to go ahead and release a limited group of Mama Made bodies.


 How is this gonna work you ask?

 First,  You are purchasing the Mama Made blank body only.   I will explain hair options further down the page.

You will be able to choose between, peach, golden, mocha or chocolate colored skin.

 You will get to choose from these four sizes.  



You will receive a blank body with the Mama Made tag (shown above) on the side.  

The body will be fully assembled and ready for you to put your final touches on  (face, hair and clothes) 

**Amberwing bodies will come with ears** 
**You will be responsible for sewing belly button and butt cheeks if you wish to have those.  That info will be covered in a video**

Prices will vary according to size...

Sprite $65 USD

Imp $70 USD

Baby $80 USD

Amberwing $90 USD


 We will have full length videos posted on our Youtube channel for you to play over and over again.  We will also have a private FB group where you can feel free to share progress pics or ask any questions you may have.


 So what about the hair?

 Well, we will have the following options for you to purchase separately.


Full, premade weft wig - $60 USD

This will come all sewn and ready to simply be sewn on.  There will be a full length video showing how this is done.

 Your weft wig color options will be in either curly or straight weft, these are the options...

 Solid Pink, Pink Ombre, Solid Purple, Purple Ombre, Primary Rainbow (red to purple) Aqua Rainbow (pink to thistle)  Dark Brown, Blonde, Medium Brown

 (You can request a mix of up to two colors of weft for your wig - This does not apply to Rainbow wigs as they are 6 colors already) 

**Highlights will not be an option**


Full, crocheted dreadlock wig - $50 USD

This wig will arrive fully made and ready to attach.  Once again, there will be a full length video showing how to attach this.

Your Dread wig options will be...

Varied Pink, Varied Purple, Varied Turquoise, Aqua Rainbow, Primary Rainbow

(you can request a 50/50 mix of any two of these for your wig)


So what if you want to go it alone and figure out your own hair?

 I say go for it!  

There are a ton of options out there for handspun art yarn and locks.  I know a few folks who could probably hook you up with something gorgeous.

 Want weft?  You will be able to purchase undyed weft from us in either curly or straight.  

Please note, we will not offer video instruction on dyeing or sewing this weft into a wig.  I can help give tips or pointers thru the FB group but full instructions will not be given.  Here is the pricing for the undyed and dyed weft.

Undyed Weft - $30 USD

Single Color Dyed Weft - $40 USD

Rainbow Color Dyed Weft - $50 USD 

**Rainbow dyed weft will be one full weft cut into 6 different pieces and dyed 6 different colors
**Rainbow dyed weft can be either primary or aqua rainbow 

 You can also order a full hank of undyed dread yarn, again you will be on your own dying this and crocheting it into a wig or sewing it down in strips.  I can help talk you thru the dying bit but no video instruction will be provided.

Full hank undyed dread yarn - $20 USD 


How do you go about getting one?

Saturday 11/12 in the afternoon at 4pm  AZ time, I will release the Mama Made bodies in the shop.  There will be varying sizes listed.  I will keep several in stock until we have sold a total of 15.  

You will simply purchase the blank Mama Made then email us with your skin color choice.  That info will be in the listing.

 There will also be presewn weft and crocheted dread wigs listed.  Once you have purchased those, like the bodies, you will email us with your wig choices.

After that, we will make your body for you along with your wig or other materials if you chose to purchase that.  


All items will be shipped out on 

Friday, December 2. 

Once you receive your box of goodies, you will be able to go right to our Youtube channel and begin working.  

Once your purchase is made, I will invite you to join the FB group.


What about clothing you ask?

Clothing is available for purchase in our online shop.  We will make sure we have items available for all sizes as well as underwear and shoes.  You may purchase clothing at any time.

That is it.  Pretty simple huh?  

If this interests you, log into the online shop tomorrow afternoon at 4pm AZ time.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have.