Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Congrats go to you, our purple lady is going to be living with you.


OK, the giveaway is officially closed. the winner will be announced at 8:00 pm central time tonight...see ya all then...


Monday, June 28, 2010


OK, here she is in her entirety :o) She is all set to go to her new home so let's get this giveaway started :o)

As you see she has all her clothes but she still needs a name...

Here's how we are going to work this...the giveaway starts today on Monday June 28th. On Wednesday June 30th at noon central time, her new mama will be chosen. To be the lucky mama, you must ...

1) be a blog follower as well as post on my FB page in any of the previous chats about her.

2) post here on the blog post with a name for not forget to make sure we have some way of contacting you.

****Please only post once per day on this blog post****

OK, that is about it...let's get this started...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yeah, its been a while :o) we are currently working out the details for our giveaway cutie for the month of June. Here is how it will work this month...

Visit our FB page at and jump in on our conversations about the design details...we are designing this one together this month so we want to hear from everyone. Anyway, jump on in and play along until she is complete. Once she is finished and ready to go to her new home, I will post here on this blog and you will have three days to enter to win...pretty simple.


1) join our FB page and share in the creation
2) when the contest is open here on the blog, enter your post to win

in order to win, you must have posted at least once on the FB page during the creation of our girl as well as post here on this blog when the official giveaway begins...

See you all on the FB page..