Friday, December 18, 2015

January 2016 Photo Contest!

Photo Contest Time!

Many of you might recall that last year, we held a photo contest.

DFH mamas and papas submitted pics of their little ones with their DFH dollies at play.  We chose several winners to be used throughout the year on our website, social media pages and in ads.  The lucky winners got a DFH Dibs! card to be used to choose a free dolly from one of our Thursday uploads.  

Well, we are heading into a new year so it's time to do it all over again....with a few minor changes.

This year, we have decided to hold a contest each month and we will choose one (1) lucky winner each time.  The pics will be themed for each month.  Once again, like the last time, the lucky winner will receive a DFH Dibs! card that will be valid for one particular Thursday RTG upload.  This will allow them on that day (before the upload goes public), to pick out their favorite Sprite or Imp completely FREE. 

Our theme for January 2016 is....

"Winter Wonderland"

To enter, follow these simple instructions...
**  Send us 3-5 high resolution, professional quality pictures of your little one and his or her dolly friend playing together.   Email the pics to...

** Pictures MUST be themed as "Winter Wonderland" so take them outside and let them have fun....or perhaps they can snuggle up warm and cozy with winter chilliness outside in the background...have fun with it.  Make it feel like winter.  We want to see our DFH dollies at play in the loving, messy, sweet, adorable hands of all the sweet children we make our dollies for.

** The pics MUST include your kiddos and at least one (1) Dragonfly's Hollow doll.

We will choose one (1) winner from the entries.  
These photos will be used during the month of January 2016 on our website, social media and advertising.  In exchange for the photos, the lucky winner will receive one (1) DFH Dibs!  card to be redeemed on a designated date (from a Thursday RTG upload) during the month of January 2016.  The Dibs card holder will be able to choose one (1) FREE Sprite or Imp doll from that particular upload.  

Our plan is to do one of these each month during 2016 so if you enter and are not chosen this month,  hang in there...there will be another opportunity the following month.

Now for the legalities...

*** By submitting your photos to Dragonfly's Hollow LLC, you are releasing all copywrite ownership to Dragonfly's Hollow LLC. Dragonfly's Hollow, LLC has the legal right to use your photos for advertising and on various social media and online promotional pages as well as.   

*** You must be the legal guardian of the children in the images or have written permission from the legal guardian permitting you to submit the images.

** The contest starts today Friday, December 18, 2015 and will end on Thursday, December 31, 2015.  The winner will be contacted via email by Monday, January 4, 2016.
(12/18/2015 - 12/31/2015)

That's it!  Looking forward to seeing some adorable photos!  Have fun with it everyone!