Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Winter Faeries

Deep in the heart of winter, when mother nature is in frosty full swing, when the lakes and ponds have frozen over and the air is frosty cool,  our world is visited by a very rare group of mythical creatures....

The Winter Faeries

Under cover of night, during a heavy snowfall, they sneak into our world relatively unnoticed. The sound of their arrival is silenced by the heavy snowflakes falling to the ground.

Sneaking about in the moonlight they play in the snow making snow angels, castles, sculptures and forts.  
Ever wake up on a winter morning to find someone had built a snowman in your yard during the night?  Odds are, it was one of them.

They come in all sizes.  

There are adorable Pixies,

Precious Sprites

Devilish Imps

And gorgeous, Amberwings.

Their home is far away in a white forest high atop snow covered mountains.  To say these faeries have travelled far would be an understatement.

They love adventure and of course playing in the snow.  They also love to snuggle up at night under cozy blankets beside a warm winter fire.

They only come around once a year so keep your eyes open, and see if you can spy one of them.  Keep alert and don't let them pass you by.
They are only here for a short time and once they are gone, well....
.....they will be gone of course.

This gorgeous group will be available for adoption on 

Thursday 2/5 at 2:00 pm central US time

...don't be late!

Monday, February 2, 2015

DFH Giveaway Sprite - Wynter Snow

Say hello to Wynter Snow!

She is our giveaway girl for the month of February.

She is a 12" tall DFH Sprite

She has golden skiing and blue eyes

Yep, one lucky family will be able to take her home for free.

To enter just follow the instructions below...

The lucky family will be chosen on Sunday February 8 and notified by email thru their Rafflecopter entry..

Good luck everyone!