Sunday, February 28, 2010



Your "Starburst" will be heading your way as soon as you contact me and let me know where to send her :o)

CONGRATULATIONS! and Thank you to everyone who participated...this was the best giveaway ever...

Thank you!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Uploads

Afternoon folks. You all have been quite busy posting for the Rainbow gal. Very cool.

I just uploaded the pics of the gang for tonight. Drop by the FB page to take a peek.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Timeline for March... custom folks for March...I spent the week contacting and convoing with you and I will be sending a timeline to you today.

The biggest news for March is that We are moving between 3/11 thru 3/19...During this time I will be working on my hand sewing (hair, faces, assembly, etc) so work will keep going, I just will not be online to upload again until our internet is connected. So, there will be no upload during the weeks of 3/12 and 3/19 but we will be back to normal again the following week :o)...more than likely sooner, just leaving wiggle room.

RTG Shop dolls will be listed on these dates
Friday 3/5
Friday 3/26
and every Friday from there :o)

Yes, it is a 2 week break...sort of :o)

I will update on my FB page and shop as well as here when I am back if you have any questions be sure to get them to me by 3/11 :o)

This is not very stressful for us. We have moved a lot (one of the upsides and downsides of having a hubby who is a well known and gifted technology geek) so we have this all down to a we are returning to the DFW area and since we used to live there, we know how that all works out...we also have some cool friends to look forward to hanging with again...YAY!

That's it for now...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Upload Day...

Images are uploaded on the FB page...Use the button to the left to go peek. See you all later at 8:00 PM cst for the shop upload

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Feb 18

Good morning everyone. I hope you all are staying warm.

Today is supposed to be preview day but I have decided to do that on Friday instead. In the past, I have uploaded images on Thursday evening only to upload more images on Friday...I think changing the upload day to Friday, will save me the time of doing it twice.

So, the preview will be uploaded on my FB page tomorrow (Friday) before 12:00 noon CST. Plenty of time before the actual evening upload yet late enough to make sure everything is complete on them.

See you all then...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday FEB 15th

Hey Guys, I put images up on the FB page of the clothes to be uploaded tonight :o)

We now have 757 comments or entries for our Rainbow gal as of today...yay!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Feb 13th

Hope you all are having a good day. We finally have some sun...yay!

Well, the FB page is launched and I am gaining folks as friends so it looks like that is off to a good start. I discovered the picture uploads yesterday...very easy and faster than Flickr. I like it better. I think that this week I will do the preview upload onto the FB page and we can see how that goes. If it works out well, then I will continue to post them there instead of Flickr....I am trying to make it so that you all are not hopping all over the web for me :o)

I put a FB link on the left hand side. I am rearranging a bit so things might look a bit different for a while.

I think that is it...I am gonna go and have some fun while the weather is nice...have a great day everyone!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Upload Day...

OK, so I finally got to get the full images onto Flickr of the crew to be uploaded tonight in the shop. I think they all turned out wonderful :o)

You will notice that there is a new guys...his name is Cody. I wasn't sure if I would have his clothes done in time for today but I was able to do it so he will be listed tonight with the girls.

My FB page is started...not much to see yet :o) I look at it, get lost then find something else to do :o) I promise to get it more set up but for now, here is the link to the Dragonfly's Hollow Page...

Don't laugh too hard...I know there is nothing there yet...consider it like an empty apartment :o) I am still moving in :o) Any...and I mean ANY input would seriously be appreciated.

OK...that is it, I feel like I have been online all day long :o) I am going to go and try to get some other things done before the big uplaod tonight.

See you all at 8:00 CST


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Preview

OK. I finally got thru my convo's and uploaded the preview...scrolling to the right :o) I even finished up my custom uploads for this week...

Yay me!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday... Feb 10th

Hope those of you who are struggling with this whacky winter weather are staying warm and cozy...those of you who are enjoying warmer, snow free climates... :oP~~~~~~~


This weather has thrown me off a bit so my customs for this week will be listed on Thursday evening instead of tonight. This is only gonna be for this'll be back to normal next week.



I have received numerous requests to change my upload time... 5 pm my time is the middle of the day for some of you...oops.

Anyway, after hearing some requests I have decided to change the upload time to 8 pm my that means that for you guys on the east coast it'll be at 9:00 pm, Mountain Time zone... 7:00 pm and Pacific Time Zone... 6:00 pm

Hopefully that will take some of the stress out of it all and allow other folks to have a chance.

This will start this Friday.

I think that is it...I am off to do some sewing. Have a great day.


Monday, February 8, 2010

We got SNOW!!!

We woke up today to this....

I know for lots of you, this is nothing but for us, its a LOT of snow. Seriously. Yesterday it felt like it was about 60 degrees outside. Overnight this all fell :o) It's funny, the kids and I were stunned this morning when we saw it...they are all out there in it right now having a blast.

How cool!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Feb 7... :oD

Good morning guys,

Yesterday was sort of a day off for me...It felt good to just hang out and rest. Whew! Friday was mad. You all emptied the shop in about 2! Thank you everyone...seriously. I am amazed and humbled by your enthusiasm for my work...thank you.

This week is another busy and full week. I will have another 4 or 5 really cool dolls on Friday as well as the customs that will be listed Wednesday. I am not going to have a clothing upload this week on Monday. I have to get caught up on some other things first but next week will be back to normal :o)

I am working on a Facebook page this DD is helping me out on that one :o) I'll let you all know when its up.

I guess that is it for today...have a great day


Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday...Upload Day!

Afternoon Guys,

I just uploaded final images of the gang onto Flickr. They should be passing thru the scrolly thingy now :o) I was hoping for some sun to help take some awesome pics but alas the sun is not out today :o) I think I was able to compensate though and I got some good images for you all to see how awesome they all are.

Anyway, check them least now you can really look at them before the upload later.

Don't forget...upload begins at 5:00 pm CST

See you all later...


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday...Sneak Peek

OK, the girls are up...I think some of you already know that :o)

I love the colors this week...very deep and rich indeed :o) The four bigger girls are fairies with adorable outfits of course and Nixie is a mermaid. I am wrapping up their clothes tonight and tomorrow there will be way better pics...promise. Hopefully we'll have some sunlight.

Anyway, take a peek. Listing on the shop is tomorrow at 5:00 pm CST. I think I might have figured out a way to get the uploading done faster this time so tomorrow it shouldnot be so long between uploads :o)

See you all tomrrow.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wed Feb 3rd...

I need to start coming up with snappier titles for my posts :o)

Hey Guys, the link for out giveaway is off to the side now. I wanted to let you all know I am seriously enjoying your names. I intentionally am not posting on that page because I don't want to skew the numbers or have my number be the one accidentally chosen :o)

You all are so creative...very cool. The Amethyst name made me think of jewels which made me think of a whole group of precious gem fairies...thank you for that one. I can see them in my mind already :o) Now... to find the right colors of yarn for them.

To answer one question...If you have posted once with a name and you are posting again, no need for a new name...unless you want to.

I am off to wrap up work on three customs that will be posted later today. Have a great day everyone.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Feb 1st


the winner will be notified shortly

Good Morning everyone!

It's the start of a new month and the start of a new giveaway :o)

Here she is...

She has no name yet, as that is something you guys are gonna do :o)

She is a 12 inch tall rainbow fairy with removable wings made from silk brocade fabric. Her dress is a fairy petal style dress made with all the colors of the rainbow. It ties around the neck like a bathing suit and has a small velcro tab around her waist. As usual, she is made from all natural materials...cotton interlock skin, wool stuffing, cotton floss embroidery and wool yarn.

Her hair can be styled many ways...

Here is an image of her hair down to show off the fact that her hair was meticulously sewn down in the patterns of a rainbow :o)

I think she turned out cool.

Now, how to get this girl for yourself...the giveaway rules are pretty simple...

1) Be a registered Blog Follower

2) Leave a comment on this post with the name you would like her to have.

Pretty simple, eh? Oh please don't forget to make sure there is a way to contact you in case you are the winner...

You can enter a comment at least once a day for the whole month...Yep, you can submit more than once :o) the more days you are listed will help your chances as the winner will be chosen by a random number taken from the number of entrants.

The giveaway will run thru the month of February so the winner will be announced here on Sunday, Feb 28th.

That's it. So let's kick this thing off...

Good luck to all who enter...