Monday, March 23, 2015

Photo Contest

Calling all fans of DFH!

We are redesigning our website and we want you to be center stage!

What do we want?


We're looking for fun, cute photos of our dollies and critters in their home environments with their little mamas or papas.  We want to see them snuggling, painting, having tea parties, twirling outside or just reading a book together.  What they are doing is up to you...we just want to see them out and about, having fun.  Like this...

or this...

What Will the Photos be used for?
The photos chosen will be used on our new website, FB and Twitter pages...front and center 

What's in it for you?

We will give away one Dibs! card to each family whose photos are chosen.  Our way of saying "Thank You".  The Dibs! cards will be good for one Thursday RTG day upload.  With your card, you will get to choose your favorite dolly free of charge, from from that upload.  

We will stagger the cards so that each Dibs holder has a specific week...that way we can avoid double Dibs!  Oh and don't worry, we will get your card to you in plenty of time for you to use it on your day.  

How many we give out will be determined by how many photos we choose.  We must choose your photo to use on our website, FB or Twitter in order to get a Dibs! card.  Simply submitting a photo does not automatically qualify for a Dibs! card.

How do you enter?

That's the fun part...Simply snap your favorite pics of your little ones having fun with their DFH Dollies and email them to us here at

All photos must include a child and a DFH dolly, Wild Thing, Snuggle, Blanket Buddy or Critter

If your photos are chosen, we will notify you thru your submission email address.  We will then let you know when we will send along your Dibs card along with all the other pertinent info.

Submissions will be open from Monday, March 23, 2015 thru Monday April 6, 2015

Looking forward to seeing all the bright smiling faces with their dollies

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


It's been a while since we have made any Familiar sets...we figured it was about time.

Let's introduce the gang to you...

Jonah and Angler

Jonah is an Imp boy who loves the ocean.   His best friend is Angler a white whale.  

Coralee Tide and Chanty

Coralee Tide is an Imp mermaid.   Her best friend is Chanty a turquoise Narwhal.

Pacifica Pearl and Glitter

Pacifica Pearl is an Imp mermaid.   Her best friend is Glitter a pink Narwhal.

Adrianna Nicole and Ayasha

Adriana Nicole is an Imp princess.   Her best friend is Ayasha a pink rainbow pony

Angelina Louise and Oliver

Angelina Louise is a Sprite.   Her best friend is Oliver a light brown bunny.

Aaron Jude and Greyfell

Aaron Jude is a Sprite boy.   His best friend is Greyfell a grey water horse.

Baby Juliette and her Blanket Buddy

Baby Juliette is a Baby doll.   Her snuggly blanket buddy is a pink dragon

Gaia Snow and Annie

Gaia Snow is an Imp.   Her best friend is Annie a wee dolly

Isabel Marie and Emma

Isabel Marie is an Imp.   Her best friend is Emma a wee dolly

Kyra Rose and Mimi

Kyra Rose is a Sprite.   Her best friend is Mimi a wee merdolly

Tatiana Dove and Bella

Tatiana Dove is an Imp.   Her best friend is Bella a wee merdolly

Fiona and Talenth

Fiona is a Sprite Dragonrider.   Her best friend is Talenth a pink dragon

Tai and Zaranth

Tai is an Imp Dragonrider.   Her best friend is Zaranth a turquoise dragon

Mirrim and Path

Mirrim is an Imp dragon rider.   Her best friend is Path a green dragon