Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Shop Day for 2009

Well, its been a crazy year for the shop. Hectic and amazing. I have to say its pretty cool that my little creations have caused such a buzz...yay!

I am closing up the shop today once the last little guy is picked up. I'll reopen it on January 2nd and I'll have to hit the ground running. My custom orders are sold out for the months of January and February...already :o)

Looks like next year is going to be quite busy :o)


I didn't post pics yesterday of our day at the Memphis Zoo...or as we all jokingly have come to call it..."ttttthe annnuuual ddday at the zzzzzooooo" as we all shiver from the cold :o)

Our oldest was a Christmas baby and she is an animal well as an amazing artist :o) every year, when asked what she would like to do with the family for her birthday ever since she could talk her answer would always be..."The Zoo!" So every year in freezing cold weather (what could arguably always be one of the coldest days of the year) we are all at the zoo walking around, the upside, its always empty on that day...wonder why :o) it seems like the place was opened just for us :o)

The birthday girl herself in front of the wolf enclosure...sketch book in hand

A rare moment when Rory was with dad...she's usually glued to me :o) but dad has strong shoulders to carry her on :o)

The wolves are a new addition to the zoo this year

All in all, it was cold...of course, but I honestly wouldn't have wanted to spend the day doing anything else :o)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec 15th

Whew! Its been real busy around here. I have been feverishly working 7 days a week for the past 2 months...that's a lot of dolls :o)

I am finally coming to the end for this year though...a few more orders to go :o) January is already pretty full now so we are stating on February. Busy, busy, busy...

Today is a huge day...My oldest is 15 today :o( My sweet baby is almost all grown up (I say this and she is already taller than I am) To celebrate, she and I are going out this morning for "coffee" then we will all go to the Memphis Zoo to see the new exhibits (she loves wolves) She wants to round out the day with pizza and a movie while hanging out with us :o)

Happy Birthday Baby!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Day of Peace and Harmony! :o)

Today is technically my b-day but I have decided instead to celebrate it as our "Annual Day of Peace and Harmony" :o)

It has started out well...the older folks are all being kind and peaceful with one another. The younger ones are doing their best to test it all :o)

As for me, I will be spending the day enjoying all the peacefulness...and harmoniousness :o) with lots os snuggles and hugs :o) I am off to enjoy a cup of coffee with my awesome hubby who made me the absolute best card I have ever received :o)

I hope you all have a wonderful day of peace and harmony too :o)


Friday, December 4, 2009



Could she be any cuter? :o) Sage here is number two of the faerie crowd :o)

Fortunately for Sage, she is going to a home she will share with Amber.

The faeries have my imagination whirling...I am working on a winter faerie and of course there will be a rainbow faerie and lots of different flower faeries...Yes, I am having fun...

Anyway, I had to share her with you all.

Have a great day :o)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am so happy with how this little girl turned out :o)

This is Amber. She's a little autumn faerie...

Her wings are brocade fabric and sewn onto her back. Her dress is made from several individual autumn colored leaf shapes sewn together to make the skirt.

She is exactly how I saw her in my mind...Her sister faerie who is green will be ready by Friday...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

This is the BEST month of the year!

Lots of great things going on...Christmas and New Year's are just two of them :o)

My oldest is turning 15 this month in a few days (on the 15th)
On the 6th we will be celebrating the "Annual day of Peace and Harmony". A small note...I stopped celebrating my own B-days and have now changed it to the "Annual Day of Peace and Harmony" Its the one day a year when everyone in the house gets along peacefully and only displays love and patience for one another :o) OK, yeah there is some faking going on but hey...with teens to littles around here...peace is peace :o)

I am seriously looking forward to lots of cookies and crafts around here :o)


Seeing as how December is such an awesome month, I have decided that the giveaway should be equally least close :o) So here goes...

This month's giveaway will go from today until the 31st (sorry it won't be ready for a Christmas gift)

What is it you ask?

A Custom 12 inch doll and a natural wood doll high chair made by my oh so talented hubby :o) He is the one who makes all my buttons :o)

This is his shop

The doll will come with one 12 inch outfit. You get to choose skin, hair, eyes and ensemble. He or she will be made in January...early.

This is an image of the chair...

So, how do you get to win these two cool items?

Well, first be a blog follower :o)

Second, I think this month I want to hear about fun things you do during the winter or Christmas time.

Don't forget to leave a way to contact you so I can notify you if you are the winner.

So with that, let's get this kicked off for this month :o) Let's hear some fun things