Friday, October 26, 2012

7000 FB Follower Giveaway!

We have reached 7000 followers on Face Book and to celebrate we have decided to have a special giveaway!

We are going to hold a Rafflecopter giveaway that will go from Saturday 10/27/2012 thru Saturday 11/3/2012

 Winners will be chosen randomly

We are giving away 6 prizes

1ST Prize

will be our gorgeous doll set modeled after our new logo girl and her doll designed by 

And here is our translation

This sweetie is 14 inches tall with a petite dolly of her own that is 6.5 inches tall.

Both are completely handcrafted by the gang here at Dragonfly's Hollow using all natural materials.

One lucky family will have these two come live with them...completely free :)

2ND Prize

Two (2) lucky folks will be awarded FB VIP codes.  These codes allow the holder to call Dibs on any item we sell in our shop as well as receive 20% off of the listed price of that item.  

3RD Prize  

Three (3) Lucky folks will receive a Dibs! Code.  This code till allow the holder to call Dibs on any one item from an upload.  Item will be purchased at the list price.  

The FB VIP and Dibs folks will receive their codes via email with full instructions on how to redeem them.

These codes will be one time use and will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

So, how do you enter to win?  Simple...just scroll down and click the Rafflecopter FB log in below and get started from there.

If you have any questions,  feel free to send us a message.

So, How do I enter?

We have set up Rafflecopter to allow you to earn points for doing multiple steps....that's right,  the more you do,  the better your chances.

First, you MUST LIKE our page on Facebook.
This is mandatory and is worth 1 point.

Second,  start following us on Twitter...this is not mandatory but its worth 1 point

Third, send out a tweet about us...this is not mandatory but its worth 1 point

The third Tweet about our giveaway,  can be done once a day each day of the giveaway...yes,  you will receive 1 point each time you send the tweet :)

Each point you earn is an entry.

Liking us on Facebook is one entry.  Following us on Twitter is one entry and Tweeting is one entry...each time.

It only takes one entry to win.  You can do one or all it is up to you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

Winners will be chosen randomly on Saturday 11/03/2012

One winner per household per item.

Dolls will be shipped via USPS priority mail with full insurance.  

Winner will be responsible for any customs or duty charges.

FB VIP and Dibs codes will be sent via email.  Codes will be a one time use and good for one year from the date of issue.


Monday, October 1, 2012

So Many Different Ways to Buy a DFH

"Your dolls are gorgeous!  How can I buy one of them?"

I get this question at least once a day...sometimes more.  In fact it happens so often, I figured I would put together this post describing the many ways we have come up with.

Let's start with the first method...


(Ready to Go)

These dolls are all made and ready to ship out asap.  These dolls are created every week based on our own design preferences.  There are between 10 and 12 of them.  
On Wednesday afternoons,  we upload their preview pics on FB and in our Flickr album.  This is where folks get to take a good look at them and decide whether or not one of them has to come to live with them :)  
Thursday (at fluctuating times) the dolls are all uploaded into our shop and they sell on a first come first served basis.  We post the exact times on Wednesday when the previews go up.


(Made to Order)

These are dolls that are made to order exactly how you want.  Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we release new slots randomly.  We allow up to 15 of the larger doll sizes (14/16) and 5 of the smaller sizes (10/12) each week.  

We announce the release via Twitter feed.  

Here is a link to our shop page with listings.  

and here is a link to a blog post about how to create a Wish List

Mama Made

These are dolls that you order as blank, unfinished bodies that you finish yourself...with the help of our private online blog and full length how to videos.  

The bodies come can add the option to have us sew the face on for you and then you only have to design and attach your own hair.  

They are always available for purchase and there is no limit to them at all.

Here is a link to the blog post describing them

and here is a link to the listing in the shop

We also have an online FB community to share pics of your progress and to ask for input


These are our newest addition.  They are all natural stuffed animals made from super soft and snuggly cotton velour and stuffed with pure clean wool.

The preview pics are up on Monday evenings and the Critters are put up for sale on a first come, first served basis on Tuesdays...times will vary but we will announce the exact times when we post the preview pics.

Right now we are averaging about 6 a week...but we have plans to increase these as we can with more critters.

Well, there you have it...these are our current offerings.  
We have plans to add to this as we go along, so stick around :)