Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meet Amanda Klimansky - Our DFH Mama in Las Vegas, NV

Amanda Klimansky

DFH Las Vegas, NV

I am the tiny Lorax, Amanda Klimansky. 

 When I was a young child my family lived in a small house, on Baker Ranch, in northern California. We didn't have electricity or even a telephone. My parents, raised, grew, harvested, canned, slaughtered & prepared our food. There was a community of neighbors who exchanged services: chop my firewood, I will make you moccasins. 

Hard work, hand made & home grown was a way of life. One thing we didn't have was money. And I really wanted a Care Bear. My mama designed & made one for me. With every detail of the store bought version, down to the heart on his bum. This is the Care Bear that 32 years later, sits on my son's bed. 

 We may not all have the sewing skills to do what my mother did. Dragonfly's Hollow is the next best thing. We can all give the special children in our lives, a one of a kind, hand made doll that some one who loves them created just for them. 

I see a world where hand made & natural materials are going away. My dream is to raise my son with chickens & a garden & hand made toys made from wool, wood & mohair. I want him to sit on the counter beside me snapping beans, the way I did with my mom as a child. I am living my dream & I want to share it with you.

Amanda is one of the newer mamas to our team.  
She is a pretty amazing mama.  It's pretty awesome to see how she has jumped right in and is making herself at home.  I, personally look forward to getting to know her more as we work together.  

She is ready and willing to help out any mamas in the Las Vegas, NV area.  

DFH Las Vegas, NV