Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our October Giveaway has ended as of today. Our winner is Meredith of Frisco TX.

Congratulations to Meredith!

I will be contacting you today to get your info for shipping.


We will be doing another giveaway for November so drop by to see who it is in a couple of days.

And one more thing...


Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Oct 26

I have a lot of ground to cover today so here goes...

First off...I am showing off the latest creation from my awesomely talented daughter Brenna. She made this felt playscape completely out of wool. I am so proud :o) Its listed for sale her in shop on Etsy called Pandemonium Creations Drop by and check more images :o)

These are the final images of your girls Jennie. They are going out today.

Your baby has a mix of color and yarn. She has brown with nutmeg highlights and some light sandy blonde as well. Any idea as to her name?

Your Elora Danan is wonderful. I went outside to get some good images of her for you. Her hair is gorgeous...nice choice on the yarn.

Now, things are getting busy around here. I have lots of customs to fill so there is going to be some changes in the blog for a while. I will try to get a page of the beginnings set up to click on so that you all can see how they begin but I will not be able to take and post individual images of each least not for the next month :o) It takes time away from actually creating these cuties :o)

My computer time will be early in the morning and at give me time to do the many other things we do around here daily :o)

Each week, I will post a list of the dolls I will be working on that week. I will try to post images, but I cannot say for sure I will even have the time. I will definitely have images of them when they are done :o)

This week I will be working on these dolls...


I will also be posting these dolls during the week...

Blue Mermaid
Purple Mermaid
16 inch Weighted Baby Boy
16 inch Boy

Some of these are near completion while others have not yet been started so they will be posted as each day goes by. I expect to have the mermaids listed as well as the 16 baby tomorrow.

With all of that, I am off to work :o) Have a great day and drop by my daughter's shop :o)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jennie's Girl

So I waited most of the day for the rain to stop but then it hasn't...I decided to take a few images of her this way to see if it will work out...the results, while not stellar, will work. At least you can get an idea as to how cute she is :o)

I promise better images tomorrow. I am working on her sweater today as well as the baby's body. I will have more images tomorrow for you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here are the two sisters for Kettlebelles :o) they are so cute together...

Jennie, this is the ensemble I came up with. I went with the purple/orange/pink top because I thought it might be good to introduce some other colors into the mix :o) I can still change it out to the all purple top if you want...

These are the beginning stages of your doll...

As of right now, this is what she looks like. I hope to get her face sen on today and at least start her hair. More images tomorrow...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Oct 19

Amandine's little girl is done and ready to go home.

I love the hair and her face turned out so sweet.

I will be wrapping up work on Kettlebell's order today...all ready except their hair :o) For now, I have an image of their outfits :o)

In light of the fact that things are quite busy around here, I will be altering how I post images of the cuties I am working on. I will chronicle the making of my next custom order for Jennie step by step and then creating a permanent link to that page on my blog. That way I will be able to free up the time it usually takes to post individual images of each order. I will still post images of the customs but they will start when their faces are sewn on. It will save me a lot of time :o)

Jennie, I will be starting your girls later this afternoon :o) I cannot wait ti use that hair :o)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amandine's Little one

Just before her face and hair :o) Her clothes are all set...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's Update

Well, I finally got caught up. I finished three of the five dolls Intended to get finished this week for the shop. They're images are scrolling along in the flikr app on the page here, they are listed in the shop right now.

Tomorrow, I will list the other two...they still need some finishing touches :o)


Amandine, I am working on your gal and hope to have her finished over the weekend.

Kettlebelles :o) I will be working on your duo over the weekend as well. I hope to have them done by Monday.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Times :o)

We LOVE Halloween...we just love this whoel time of year actually :o)

We had a great, busy time today doing a fw fun things so I thought I would share...

We made Paper Mache pumpkins. The kids love this one, when they dry we will cut the bottoms level and paint them orange...or purple or whatever :o) then we can put little lights inside them and they make cool lanterns.

Yeah, its messy...
We began putting up our decor. This is our cemetary scene in front of our house. How did we make the fence? PVC pipes and wood :o) painted black...for extra authenticity, you can all spear heads to the top of each pole. The tombstones are wood, painted like stone...and the ghost is also wood.

We made some sugar cookies too :o)

Of course we iced them :o)

That was the day in a nutshell :o) Maybe the next paper mache thing we make will be ghosts :o)


On another note, Theresa, I thought you might like to see your gal Coraline in all her ensembles...

All pink with her pink Mary Janes

Her sweater...

This is my favorite...she looks so cute. Her PJ's

Mermaid Coraline :o)

Faerie Coraline

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What we did Saturday...

The older kids and Dad have been dying to start making these mini bots for a while now. Yesterday they sat down and worked on the mouse bot together...

The little guy is a light sensitive bot. He will chase around the floor in pursuit of light. They had a blast making him, not so much troubleshooting him and way more than should be allowed actually playing with him in the dark. He is super fast :o)

I got work done :o)

Here is your outfit Suzanne, let me know your thoughts. If you want, she can have one similar to Fae's. She will be posted in the shop for pickup tomorrow.

This is Theresa's little cutie. I think Brooke will be happy :o)

Kari, this little mermaid is a huge hit in our house...I think there is one little girl who will be thrilled :o)

Today, I will wrap up work on the extra pink outfit for Theresa and Suzanne, if you want the other ensemble, that one too. I will also make the shoes :o)

If you haven't given me a name for your cutie, now would be a great time :o)

Tomorrow, I start Amandine's little girl.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday's Update

Its looking like a busy weekend so I will try to post but cannot guarantee if I will be able to.

You all remember she is in her new ensemble

with sweater... She's on her way to her new home today :o)

Theresa, here is the image of your gal...before her hair :o) Hair images will be soon :o)

Kari, your little gal has caused quite a stir around here. We are all loving the color of her tail :o)

Her hair is tonight.

That's it for now, like I said, I will try to update over this weekend but It may not come about until later Sunday.

See ya all then...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Theresa's & Suzanne's Girls

Here is your gal, Theresa, with her face on :o) Her hair will begin today.

and Suzanne, this is your gal..Olivia. Today is "hair" day :o)

Their little faces make them look cute already.

Kari, your little mermaid is half finished...I didn't put up images because she doesn't have her bottom :o) I got the velout in so I will begin work on that today. Hopefully I will be able to get some images up tomorrow of her if not by the later afternoon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Work, work, work :o)

So I managed to get with it and get some serious work done. I finished Amber's little girl...she is adorable. I love the hair colors you chose.

She is heading home this afternoon.

This is the start of Theresa's gal. I am waiting on the pink should be here tomorrow. Otherwise, her Kimono is all set as is her "Cara" style outfit. I will knit her sweater later tonight. She is coming along nicely.

Here is Suzanne's gal...all started and ready for her details :o) She should be finished during the weekend.
Kari, I am waiting on the velour for your mermaid tail but her body, arms and head are done...just need assembled. Her two tops are ready to go also :o)

Well, I have some sewing to do, that's it for this update :o) Have a great day