Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Oct 26

I have a lot of ground to cover today so here goes...

First off...I am showing off the latest creation from my awesomely talented daughter Brenna. She made this felt playscape completely out of wool. I am so proud :o) Its listed for sale her in shop on Etsy called Pandemonium Creations Drop by and check more images :o)

These are the final images of your girls Jennie. They are going out today.

Your baby has a mix of color and yarn. She has brown with nutmeg highlights and some light sandy blonde as well. Any idea as to her name?

Your Elora Danan is wonderful. I went outside to get some good images of her for you. Her hair is gorgeous...nice choice on the yarn.

Now, things are getting busy around here. I have lots of customs to fill so there is going to be some changes in the blog for a while. I will try to get a page of the beginnings set up to click on so that you all can see how they begin but I will not be able to take and post individual images of each least not for the next month :o) It takes time away from actually creating these cuties :o)

My computer time will be early in the morning and at give me time to do the many other things we do around here daily :o)

Each week, I will post a list of the dolls I will be working on that week. I will try to post images, but I cannot say for sure I will even have the time. I will definitely have images of them when they are done :o)

This week I will be working on these dolls...


I will also be posting these dolls during the week...

Blue Mermaid
Purple Mermaid
16 inch Weighted Baby Boy
16 inch Boy

Some of these are near completion while others have not yet been started so they will be posted as each day goes by. I expect to have the mermaids listed as well as the 16 baby tomorrow.

With all of that, I am off to work :o) Have a great day and drop by my daughter's shop :o)