Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Work, work, work :o)

So I managed to get with it and get some serious work done. I finished Amber's little girl...she is adorable. I love the hair colors you chose.

She is heading home this afternoon.

This is the start of Theresa's gal. I am waiting on the pink should be here tomorrow. Otherwise, her Kimono is all set as is her "Cara" style outfit. I will knit her sweater later tonight. She is coming along nicely.

Here is Suzanne's gal...all started and ready for her details :o) She should be finished during the weekend.
Kari, I am waiting on the velour for your mermaid tail but her body, arms and head are done...just need assembled. Her two tops are ready to go also :o)

Well, I have some sewing to do, that's it for this update :o) Have a great day