Sunday, October 11, 2009

What we did Saturday...

The older kids and Dad have been dying to start making these mini bots for a while now. Yesterday they sat down and worked on the mouse bot together...

The little guy is a light sensitive bot. He will chase around the floor in pursuit of light. They had a blast making him, not so much troubleshooting him and way more than should be allowed actually playing with him in the dark. He is super fast :o)

I got work done :o)

Here is your outfit Suzanne, let me know your thoughts. If you want, she can have one similar to Fae's. She will be posted in the shop for pickup tomorrow.

This is Theresa's little cutie. I think Brooke will be happy :o)

Kari, this little mermaid is a huge hit in our house...I think there is one little girl who will be thrilled :o)

Today, I will wrap up work on the extra pink outfit for Theresa and Suzanne, if you want the other ensemble, that one too. I will also make the shoes :o)

If you haven't given me a name for your cutie, now would be a great time :o)

Tomorrow, I start Amandine's little girl.