Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Times :o)

We LOVE Halloween...we just love this whoel time of year actually :o)

We had a great, busy time today doing a fw fun things so I thought I would share...

We made Paper Mache pumpkins. The kids love this one, when they dry we will cut the bottoms level and paint them orange...or purple or whatever :o) then we can put little lights inside them and they make cool lanterns.

Yeah, its messy...
We began putting up our decor. This is our cemetary scene in front of our house. How did we make the fence? PVC pipes and wood :o) painted black...for extra authenticity, you can all spear heads to the top of each pole. The tombstones are wood, painted like stone...and the ghost is also wood.

We made some sugar cookies too :o)

Of course we iced them :o)

That was the day in a nutshell :o) Maybe the next paper mache thing we make will be ghosts :o)


On another note, Theresa, I thought you might like to see your gal Coraline in all her ensembles...

All pink with her pink Mary Janes

Her sweater...

This is my favorite...she looks so cute. Her PJ's

Mermaid Coraline :o)

Faerie Coraline