Monday, August 27, 2012

MTO - "Made To Order"

Made To Order DFH

I want to introduce you to a new way we have come up with for you to get the doll you want when you want it instead of fighting thru super fast uploads.  

We are calling it Made to Order or MTO :)

It is a way for you to design your own DFH.

Here is a screen shot of the actual listing as it appears in our shop.

As you can see, your first choice will be the size of your doll.  Right now we are only offering these in the 14 and 16 inch size.  

All options are drop down and if you click on one of the thumbnails a larger image will appear on the screen where the picture is right now.

You choose Gender, then eye shape and color and mouth color. 

Notice the floss colors are listed with their corresponding DMC Floss number.  This way if you are wondering exactly what that color looks like in person, you can run down to your local craft shop and see for yourself 

Next up is your hair yarn.  You can choose up to four (4) different yarn colors and textures for your doll.  You can also go with just one if you prefer that.

You can choose up to two (2) colors of any one type of yarn.

We are offering Boucle, Bulky, Mohair and Dreads.  These are all the same yarns we use all the time for our RTG and Custom dolls.

Yarn selections are limited to the options you see listed int this listing...We will not allow any substitutions or add ins.

Note - On the Dreads,  we have a limited supply of them for the next couple weeks.  Once we get our new shipment in we will expand our Dread selection with more colors.

I went ahead and put up an image of the actual listing details for you all to read.  

Please be sure to read these over carefully

Those of you familiar with our Mama Mades, are familiar with this approach.  It is modeled after that.

There will be NO progress or final pictures sent.  There will be no conversing back and forth about possible option alternatives...we are only offering what you see in the listing.  

We choose the clothing fabric based on what we have available at the time and what compliments your doll.  The style of clothing will be what is shown in the image.

From the moment your order is placed, you can expect an email confirmation from the shop acknowledging your order.  After that when your doll is complete and shipping out, you will receive another email with your shipping tracking number.  

Order delivery times are as follows:

3 - 4 weeks inside the US
5 - 6 weeks to Canada
5 - 8 weeks anywhere else in the world

Now...these are NOT intended to be ran thru super fast.  Take your time and choose carefully.  
There will be no time out set on these releases...
however, if one of us come thru the shop and see that one has been held up for the past 30 minutes we will manually go in and dump the cart.

  There are no limits on these...for now.  
We will address this again and impose limits if we see an actual need as we go along.

We will release a limited number of them daily at random times.  When the slots are sold, the listing will remain visible in the shop.  This is so you can practice going thru the options to get familiar with the process in advance.

I will NOT be publishing the releases on FB.  
Instead they will be Tweeted thru out Twitter account.  So if you want to be alerted when new listings are released, you MUST start following us on Twitter.

Twitter Button from

Otherwise you can randomly pop into the shop and check to see if something is available.

I think I covered everything...feel free to ask any questions you might like.  
We will add more dread options as we get more in stock.  

This is something we hope will work out well for all of us.  For me, so I do not have to actually guess what dolls you all want to see in an upload and for you, because you will not have to wait around thru uploads hoping to get the one doll you have been waiting for.  

These will NOT replace RTG's.  

We will still hold our regularly scheduled RTG uploads for this of you who prefer that method.  
This is merely another option for the many many and old, who send me messages daily about getting a particular style doll.

I hope you all are as excited about this as we are.  I am hoping it will fill yet another need we see every day.  

Now, go to the shop and look over the listing.  
You can do this by simply clicking on the image below or the link under that :)

Play around with it and see how it works. 

 First release will launch tomorrow, Tuesday August 28.

If you have any questions, we are here to answer them.