Monday, June 22, 2015


I have had a lot of folks request customs lately.  

So, we decided to go ahead and allow 8 custom slots to be completed during the month of July.

These slots will be sold "First come, first served" in our online shop on Wednesday 6/24 at 4pm central US time

They will be priced as follows:

10" Pixie - $200
12" Sprite - $220
14" Imp - $260
16" Amberwing - $290
18" Fae - $360

These are for dolls made with yarn, TLS or weft hair only.  If you wish to use teeswater locks, you will need to purchase your own pre dyed locks and have them shipped to me.  I have a couple folks you can order from if you need references. 

Prices are for (1) doll wearing (1) sewn ensemble.  They do not include any items such as knit clothing and accessories.  Those items will be subject to an up charge depending on what is to be knit up.  We will go over this when we work out your details.

Listings will go live Wednesday 6/24 at 4pm central US time.  They will be posted on Tuesday for early viewing, so you can read over all the info before purchasing.  On Thursday, 6/25 custom holders will receive an email from me with a form to be filled out completely.  This form will have your details.  

Now, a note on customs to keep in mind...

A custom is a collaboration between you any myself.  You come to me with an idea and it is my job to try and bring that idea to life.  Sometimes, this is easy and sometimes it is not.  Some things just cannot be done by myself while many others can.  I will let you know when you send me your completed form whether or not your request is possible as is, or if some changes will need to be made.

The last group of customs was fun.  I look forward to this group being fun as well.  
Good luck on Wednesday everyone!  I look forward to seeing what you all have in mind.