Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wed Feb 3rd...

I need to start coming up with snappier titles for my posts :o)

Hey Guys, the link for out giveaway is off to the side now. I wanted to let you all know I am seriously enjoying your names. I intentionally am not posting on that page because I don't want to skew the numbers or have my number be the one accidentally chosen :o)

You all are so creative...very cool. The Amethyst name made me think of jewels which made me think of a whole group of precious gem fairies...thank you for that one. I can see them in my mind already :o) Now... to find the right colors of yarn for them.

To answer one question...If you have posted once with a name and you are posting again, no need for a new name...unless you want to.

I am off to wrap up work on three customs that will be posted later today. Have a great day everyone.