Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday... Feb 10th

Hope those of you who are struggling with this whacky winter weather are staying warm and cozy...those of you who are enjoying warmer, snow free climates... :oP~~~~~~~


This weather has thrown me off a bit so my customs for this week will be listed on Thursday evening instead of tonight. This is only gonna be for this'll be back to normal next week.



I have received numerous requests to change my upload time... 5 pm my time is the middle of the day for some of you...oops.

Anyway, after hearing some requests I have decided to change the upload time to 8 pm my that means that for you guys on the east coast it'll be at 9:00 pm, Mountain Time zone... 7:00 pm and Pacific Time Zone... 6:00 pm

Hopefully that will take some of the stress out of it all and allow other folks to have a chance.

This will start this Friday.

I think that is it...I am off to do some sewing. Have a great day.