Sunday, February 21, 2010

Timeline for March... custom folks for March...I spent the week contacting and convoing with you and I will be sending a timeline to you today.

The biggest news for March is that We are moving between 3/11 thru 3/19...During this time I will be working on my hand sewing (hair, faces, assembly, etc) so work will keep going, I just will not be online to upload again until our internet is connected. So, there will be no upload during the weeks of 3/12 and 3/19 but we will be back to normal again the following week :o)...more than likely sooner, just leaving wiggle room.

RTG Shop dolls will be listed on these dates
Friday 3/5
Friday 3/26
and every Friday from there :o)

Yes, it is a 2 week break...sort of :o)

I will update on my FB page and shop as well as here when I am back if you have any questions be sure to get them to me by 3/11 :o)

This is not very stressful for us. We have moved a lot (one of the upsides and downsides of having a hubby who is a well known and gifted technology geek) so we have this all down to a we are returning to the DFW area and since we used to live there, we know how that all works out...we also have some cool friends to look forward to hanging with again...YAY!

That's it for now...