Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Little Bit of Nature :o)

This first photo is from last year, this time.  This little mama turtle was in our back yard digging a hole to lay her eggs for about four hours.  My oldest daughter and I sat on our deck and watched her dig away for the whole time.  

When she finished, she ended up burying three eggs.  

We spent the next few weeks watching the spot and counting the days.  One morning we awoke and there was a hole where the mound was and the only thing left inside were the soft remains of the egg shells...we didn't get to see it, but our babies had hatched.  

This year we have had several sightings of the babes in our yard.  We saw this little guy yesterday.  I remembered this time to get the camera so here he (or she) is.  One of our baby turtles :o)