Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yes, I am still here :o)

I know its been quiet around here lately, or at least on this blog. Truth is, its been so busy around here I have had very little time to do much of anything let alone blog :o)

We had some teenage hiccups lately. It made me realize how much I enjoy the little kid phase :o) you know the one where a snuggle with mama and perhaps some glue or a little sewing can fix just about anything :o)

I sooooo miss those days.

Teenagers are so different with a whole different set of issues, most of which, we as parents are completely powerless to do anything about. Its hard to watch the struggles and heartache. A hug just doesn't seem to make a dent. I keep recalling an old friend of mine saying years ago "Little people, little problems. Big people, big problems."

It just makes me want to snuggle my little folks even more lately.

Thru it all I have been working thru a collection of custom orders...seems as though lots of people have birthdays in June :o) Its been busy but its been great.

I managed to get some shop dolls finished. Below is my latest mermaid. I named her Coral and she will be posted in my shop in a little bit here.

She turned out so cute :o)

Anyway, yes we are all still puttering along. I am happy to see the orders still coming in...its good to keep busy. It also feels great to hear about how happy these little folks are making other folks out there.

Thanks so much to all of you.

Until next time...Peace.