Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you look up what they are, you will find that they are a small, thin dragonfly.  Kind of fitting don't you suppose?  

A few months ago I was chatting with a sweet friend and she gave the name Amberwings.  
From the moment she said the word I knew the name was special and it would only be fitting for a very unique little creature.  
Thanks so much for the inspiration Jams.

I would like for you all to meet the 

These sweet creatures stand at 12 inches and are thinner than our usual 12 inch cuties.  They have long legs and slender, longer arms.  Their hair, aside from being very colorful, is made in the style of our all over hair.  Each strand of hair is pulled out loop by loop, one by one as the cap is being made.  The result is hair that is mutli-stylable and one piece.

They are all wearing adorable fairy petal dresses made using fabrics that highlight the colors of their hair.  Their wings are dragonfly shaped and made out of shimmery brocade fabric.  Each little creature has a small bottle of pixie dust that they wear around their necks by a thin leather cord. 

Let's meet them one by one, shall we?

First up...

Allura Moonglow

Allura is a very timid fairy. 
Sweet and delicate, she has a way about her that makes you want to pick her up and hold her which is just fine with her as she loves to hug and snuggle.

Her hair is a gorgeous mix of all the colors of a wildflower garden. 

She adores wildflowers and has been known to wander and lose all track of time when she comes across a field full of gorgeous springtime colors. So she needs care and monitoring to make sure she doesn't wander too far.

Amber Jewelstar

Amber is very much the big sister.  
She goes about caring for the other fairies around her, tending to scratches, sneezes and all manner of questions that the younger fairies will bring to her.  

She loves to draw and paint.  She could spend all day creating new works of art to hang on the walls.

She spends the evening watching over her friends, always there to help calm a bad dream or snuggle closer when needed.  She has the ability to hug away the pain of cuts and scrapes.  

Nixie Timbersprite

Nixie is a friendly outgoing girl.
She's easy to get along with and can bring out a smile on anyone's face.  She loves being by water of any type but her absolute favorite body of water are waterfalls.  The sound of the steady flow of the water falling can lull her into a quiet calm mood.  She has been known to sit for hours by a waterfall and daze off into the mist.

Nixie is a wonderful story teller.  At night, after the sun has set, she will sit with her friends and tell them stories of far away places and marvelous journeys.

Ember Rainflower

Witty and outgoing, this little girl is always doing something.  
She has a wonderful sense of humor and can be quite mischievous at times.  She loves to make her friends giggle so much that their tummy muscles start to ache a bit.  

She is always climbing up into trees or playing in the garden.  She loves to play hide and go seek as she is an expert at finding wonderful hiding places.

Though she is very active most of the time,  she does have her very sweet side.  At night when the sun is low, she loves to snuggle up close and listen to a story as she drifts off to sleep to dream of the many adventures she will have the next day.

Amberwings are very special little fairies.  
Each one is unique and full of their own special characteristics.  They love making new friends and are particularly loyal to them.  
Each one has a small jar of fairy dust.  They use this to help make tears turn into laughter, boo boos hurt a whole lot less and of course to chase away bad dreams.