Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year...New Look

In the spirit of always searching for ways to perfect my craft,  I decided I wanted to play around with my body patterns.  It's a never ending search to expand and perfect to push forward and see what comes from it all.  It is also incredibly fun to imagine up a new little being then try to work it out to make them in real life.

So after weeks of toiling away, working and reworking, I have come up with a perfect example of what I was trying to achieve.  I am pretty excited to show this off to you :o)

I wanted to stay with a one piece body style,  for sturdiness.  So the body and legs are all one piece.  There are some basic changes to the body sewing in order to allow for easy sitting.  Having the dolls able to sit has always been a must for me.  There is a whole lot more machine sewing on these guys.  

The feet are sewn in two pieces.  They are still rounded, but they are a bit longer than the usual upturned rounded toes.  This means a whole lot of different shoe options :o)  I have several ideas for really cute boots and sandals already being worked out.

The arms are more floppy but still sewn deep inside the body.  They have a full free range of movement without feeling as though they could be pulled off.

Their measurements are the same as our older, simpler style 15 inch body.  They are just more able to be moved about realistically.  Like I said, I am pretty pleased with this new style...I hope you all are as well.

This body style will only be available as our RTG or Custom style.  The simpler style bodies will remain the Mama Made style.