Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Little Announcement

Over the past few days, Robert and I have talked extensively about what we can do to make things a little better for everyone.  Last Thursday's upload was a mess.  Lots of confusion and hurt feelings.  We received a ton of messages from folks...some sad,  some sweet and understanding and even one that was actually kinda mean.
Let me just say I do not want a repeat.

We decided we simply do not want this to happen again....ever.  So, we came up with a few basic changes that we hope will help alleviate some of the issues.

First:  Angels...

Until further notice, Angel-ing is not allowed.

Sorry guys, but it really has gotten out of hand lately and this is one thing Robert has specifically requested.
The past few uploads, the majority of dolls have been carted by angels...while I understand the desire to help others out who are slower,  it seems to have turned into something where folks without an angel have no chance at all.  This is not fair to the huge amount of new folks.  So in the interest of creating as level a playing field as possible, we have decided to not allow angels.
Everyone must operate on their own now.

If you still wish to help others,  please share tips on our page to help coach others thru the upload on their own.  I am sure your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Second:  Shipping Adresses...

Your PP ship to address must match your order ship to address.
We really need you guys to do this ...we had 8 folks email us with address changes this past week...8 out of 11 orders.
Paypal does not provide seller or buyer protection if the item is not shipped to the address they have on file for that account.  Please understand that when one person does it that usually not an issue...but when we have 8 people doing it...we now have a shipping nightmare.
So, going forward everyone must abide by the same rules.  We will of course make an exception for legitimate type-o's..we know those can happen from time to time.

Third:  Limits...

We eliminated our limits at the beginning of the year and said we would readdress it if we saw the need.  We see the need.
Going forward, these are the limits...

RTG's:  One (1) doll per household per upload will be allowed.  

You can still come back the following week and get another if you like...the limit is per week.  If you were to cart 1 doll per week you would still be able to get 52 dolls a year...we feel this is plenty for anyone.

Customs:  Two (2) customs per household per year.

  We only allow 8 custom slots every month and we have no intention of increasing them so given the limited supply and the overwhelming demand for them (I cannot tell you have many emails and messages I have answered in the past few weeks regarding them)  we feel it is best to limit the amount folks can get.

They must be purchased in separate per custom upload please.
If you have purchased  2 customs between January and now,  you have met your limit.
Let's give someone else a chance.

Now onto other news...

We have hired a new sewing mama to take on the task of sewing our smaller dolls  (12's and Littles)  she is still training but as soon as she is ready to go we will have a bunch go 12's and Littles to upload weekly.

We also have a new mama training to sew our clothes...once she is ready,  we will finally be able to have some clothing for sale for you guys.

It's pretty busy around here.
The past few weeks with me sewing all the clothes as well as the other things I regularly do, have been a bit put it lightly.  
I have been working around the clock.
My poor family has suffered greatly due to this.  I have always said that my family is the most important thing in my life so I have decided that it is time for me to take back my weekends.  I will be available online Monday thru Friday every week...on Saturday and Sunday I will not be online.  We might see if we can have someone pop on the page from time to time to answer  the odd question here and there...we will see.

If you have a question, feel free to send a message or email, I will get to it Monday thru Friday.
  My family needs me and I need them...we only have a small amount of time together before they are grown and on their own...I want their memories to be of time we spent together...not so much of mom stressed out and always working.

OK, that's all we have...understand we took many things into consideration when we made these decisions,  we feel going forward this will create the most fair playing field for everyone all around.