Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All About Yarn...

Many of you recall we used to offer our yarns for sale.  

This was originally intended for Mama Made folks so they could purchase the yarn they wanted to use for their hair...over time, we had many other folks purchase our yarn for various reasons.  

As our own production picked up we had to pull back a bit on the yarn due to the fact we just could not keep up with what we needed for our own dolls as well as keep up with items folks wanted to order.  

We also were unable to offer the bulky weight yarn we used so we had to send folks off to a different location to purchase that.

Well, with the new space, we are finally able to have Lindsay dye up more yarn each week so we can finally be able to offer it for sale again...with many more new options as well! 

This means that as soon as we have the listings posted, you will be able to go to our online shop and purchase our hand dyed Tsunami (dread), nubby and Boucle yarns.  These will be made on an as ordered basis...so it will take about 5-7 days  from your order time to ship time.

These yarns are the exact same yarns we use for our dolls.  They will be available in the combinations we use every week.

We will also be offering Brown Sheep yarn in bulky weight.  Once again, these are the exact same yarns we use to make our beautiful combinations.

These will be sold by the skein and are ready to ship on order. 

We're pretty excited to start offering this...it finally means we can help our Mama Made folks get the exact hair color combination they wish to replicate...or create their own unique look.

Over the next week,  Robert will be uploading the yarns into the shop.  We hope to have them all up and available by the end of the week...there is a LOT of yarn to upload, so as you can well imagine, it is a daunting task.

We are working on being able to offer even more yarns...as they come available for us, we will add them to the list.

Local area folks,  you can come by the shop to purchase in person.