Friday, June 7, 2013

Body Styles

We offer many different body styles.  This post will hopefully break things down a little better for folks.

First up, a comparison of our Amberwing, MTO and Jewelwing body styles...

These body styles range in size from 14-15.5 inches tall.  MTO bodies are more firm and chunkier than Jewelwing or Amberwing bodies.

Jewelwings and Sprites are only available as RTG...they are not an MTO option.

These bodies are made using interlock knit fabric from the Netherlands.

have one piece body construction.  There is a hand stitched seam along the top of the legs.  The arms are sewn to hang down.  This body style is moveable but not floppy.

**This is also the same body style that out 10-11.5 inch tall Littles have**

have their legs attached to the torso.  The arms have fabric joints which allow for a full range of movement.  This body style is extremely floppy and moveable.

are kind of a hybrid of the other two body styles.  Their legs are attached to the body and their arms are sewn to hang down.  This body style is moveable but not floppy.

A close up of the different foot styles.  

Side view.

Close up view of MTO and Amberwing arms

Close up of Jewelwing arms

Jewelwings also have butt cheeks...
**they are the only body style that has them.**

are 12-13/5 inches tall.

They are extremely slender and floppy.  

Their body is assembled like the Jewelwing...legs attached to the body and fabric jointed arms.

Wee Babies 
are 7-8.5 inches

Their bodies are one piece with stitching across the top of the legs.  These bodies are firm and not floppy

Finally, we have our Mama Made body style.

This body is made with organic bottom interlock made in the USA.  The body is one piece.  It is a lot chunkier than any of our other body styles.  

That is it in a nutshell.  Feel free to email if you have any other questions.

The bodies used in this post are only being used as an example...they are not necessarily all the same exact sizes and they are not exact for skin color.  They are only being used to illustrate the differences between the body constructions, nothing else.