Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy B-Day DS!!!!

My second child, is turning 13!  Ugh!  I honestly do not feel old enough to have two teenagers. He's as tall as I am now and I am sure that sometime in the next day or so he will pass me :o)  No kidding, he grows every night.  Oh, and is he getting clumsy!  All of a sudden he can't walk thru the house without banging into a wall or corner :o) He is growing so fast that he doesn't seem to know how big he is yet :o)

We're having a small gathering tonight for him and his friends...a Guitar Hero/video gaming night with lots of that wonderful junk food they all love so much :o)  He is pretty excited. 

Its amazing how quickly they grow up on seems like yesterday he was just learning how to walk (trying so desperately to do it he hurt himself constantly)  Wow!  

Happy B-day Son!