Saturday, January 17, 2009


Wow!  It was freezing yesterday.  I cannot remember the last time I felt so cold...though I know it had to be at least 6 or so years ago when we lived in Plymouth :o)  I know, for a native New Englander I sure have become a huge cold weather whimp....I'm good with that :o)  I blame the four years in the Texas super hot zone.  Anyway, with it being so cold I realized yesterday that it's official...I miss spring :o)  

There are some signs though that it won't bee too long...

DH and I sat in his office yesterday watching the small birds fly around the yard trying to find food.  Its so funny, this time of year you can tell the females from the males real easy...They're pregnant, so they look like little tennis balls with toothpicks for legs and a small brown bump for a head :o) I can relate :o)  Poor things, the little wings are fluttering so furiously to keep the round over sized bodies in the air.  They end up doing a sort of hop-fly throughout the yard :o)

Every year, we have the same family of little birds make their nest on the platform that holds the ceiling fan in our gazeebo.  DD and I will sit out there and watch as the mama and dad birds fly back and forth all day long.   

There was a buck and a doe in our front yard the other day too...they were there for the longest time just hanging out, poking around in the grass.  This happened last year too and we ended up with the added treat of watching a mama doe and her two fawns wander around the back yard off and on all year last year.  The fawns are now full grown, we still see them wandering the neighborhood, along with the rest of the herd of deer :o)  But it sure was cool, she would wander up into our garden and eat...everything...while the two babies would sit in a flower bed, just far enough away, waiting for her.  She even ended up coming right up onto the deck one time...well more than once, that was just the only sighting of her doing it but the planters on the deck told a different story :o)  

Well, I suppose that's enough of my musings about back yard nature :o) I seriously hope today is much warmer than least up in the 40's :o)  

I am finishing up that pixie and will post some pics today when I can.  DD and I are going out to hang out for a couple of hours today...alone, wile we drop off the two DS's at their friends' house for a sleepover...we'll see how many times DS texts me all through the night :o)

I'm out.