Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring has definitely sprung!

Hey Guys,  I hope you all had a great Earth Day and were able to get outside for a bit.  It was gorgeous here in the Memphis area...perfect day for being outside.

We have seen the signs of spring for a few weeks now.  Not many deer lately, but that usually happens then one day they start showing up with oh too cute babies :o)  We were able to watch a fox in our front yard one day as it was trying to hunt one of the many squirrels I even need to say how cool that was ? :o)

We had a really neat, extra special surprise yesterday though...perfect for Earth Day.  

Every year a family of House Wrens comes to nest above the ceiling fan in our gazeebo out back.  We watch them come and go and even when the chicks hatch we listen to them chirp away when mom & dad return with food.  We have never been able to actually watch then fly around, my guess is that this was always due to our busy schedule, we simply missed it.  

Well, yesterday morning we awoke to a sweet surprise...a fluffy feathered baby was sitting outside our kitchen window chirping away.  As we watched, we noticed that the whole family was out.  Their Earth Day celebration consisted of their first family outing...and we got to watch the whole thing :o)  

Mom & Dad watched from perches in the trees and on the fence as their babies flew and fluttered about the yard, chirping and huddling together at different times.  Sometimes, they would huddle together and either mom or dad would swoop down for a quick feeding then pop off again.  They were so cute.  They look like puffy, fuzzy eggs with legs and wings :o)  They flew about actually hop-flying from tree to rail to shrub and back.  Their landings were hysterical.  They actually looked more like bumble bees flying around than birds.  In the morning, they were so bad at landing we watched more than one try to land only to fall a bit lower...on the the afternoon, they were getting it down pretty good and actually resembled birds flying :o)  

Throughout the day you could hear them and see them.  Occasionally, it got quiet out there but that was when mama would start chirping until she heard a response from the chirping babes :o)  Too cute.  

So, needless to say, I didn't get too much done yesterday, I spent as much time as I could admiring nature and this wonderful little family who coexist with was a wonderful day :o)