Thursday, September 24, 2009

Estelle & Lucille - Lalan's girls :o)

Now that we have names for them I thought I would use them :o)

I was able to reuse two of the outfits you sent along...

Here is Lucille, I resized the back and front of the romper then I cut the legs off and reused them as the sleeves :o) It fits wonderfully :o)

Estelle is lovely in her refitted toddler dress :o) I was able to reuse the original hemline to give it that "authentic" look :o)

Both girls have flared pants...though it doesn't show up so well in the images...they were made from the denim jeans you sent along :o)

Pretty good, huh?

I am off to go play with my kiddos for a while before dinner...I will pick it up again tomorrow. It will be Trudy's turn then :o)