Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Week at DFH - Thursday


Well, we made it to Thursday, and I have been able to keep updating the blog each day :o)

Today is of course upload day which means lots of little behind the scenes things to do like prepping pics and prepping the upload listings themselves so they are all ready to go tonight.  
We also have a ton of other things going on with the dolls for next week...of course.

Today is head making day :o)  sounds weird, I know. 
 As many of you know,  Mr DFH has been making each and every one of the heads for our dolls for the past 2 years.  

He has the stronger hands for pulling that string really hard to get it all tied up nice and super tight.  He stepped in a couple years ago to help me out.  Making the heads is probably the most important aspect of making the dolls.  They have to be firm and well formed.  
Robert is pretty good at it.

In December of last year, he began training our son Hunter on how to do this task.  

Some of you guys will remember Hunter used to make all our wooden buttons :o) 
He wanted to do something else so he could earn some more money for a programming laptop as well as a set of new drum heads for his drum set and various other equipment related to music (he's a pretty awesome drummer and guitarist)  We had plenty of little things to do so Robert got him involved working with him.  

The two of them have been working together all year :o)  

Connor has recently decided he wanted to learn how to do this too so he sits and hangs out with them while they are :o) 

He spends the time making everyone laugh (sometimes almost to tears).  
I guess you could say Connor adds the comic relief to our day :o)  

Yep all our heads are made by the McLaughlin guys right now :o) 

Next, of course is the making of those noses.  
That job is all mine :o)  I put each and every nose on each and every head.

Sometime today I will also start sewing on faces to the doll for next week.  
We also have all the various other day to day tasks around the house...schooling, driver's ed etc, etc, etc...the movement never stops around here.

This particular Thursday is also a pretty momentous day for all of us.  
Today is the initial launch of our new ad campaign with  Yep, if you go on over there, our ads will be running in the forums area.

Here is one of them...

We're pretty excited about this new stage for us...I still cannot figure out how we got here, but here we are :o) I am off to make some breakfast for all of us before our day officially begins. 
 Have a great day everyone!  
We will see you all later tonight for the upload.