Friday, December 7, 2012

More Choices..Wefted Mohair

We have received many requests from folks asking that we make wefted mohair an option for MTO's.  We agree it is indeed a natural option to offer.

Made from the hair of an adult mohair goat, it looks and feels exactly like real hair.  It only comes in natural hair colors and we have chosen 6 of them for you... Auburn, Blonde, Carrot, Light Warm Brown, Deep Brown and Dark Brown.

Talia has Auburn weft

Rory's doll has blonde weft

Lisa has Dark Brown weft
We are offering them for 14 inch size in two body styles either our regular 14 inch body or an Amberwing.  What's the difference between the two?  Well, they are both about 14 inches tall but the Amberwing is more slender than the regular 14"  and they have pointy toes...fairy toes.   

14 inch dolls will come wearing a regular dress, panties and wool felt shoes.

An Amberwing will come wearing a printed fabric petal dress like the one below, with panties and wool felt shoes.  
Wings are NOT included...we intend to begin offering those as a separate item in the shop shortly.

Prints will vary and will be chosen by us based on what we have available at the time.

We have created a separate listing for avoid confusion.  Here is a link...

There will be 5 slots made available each week.  They will be announced the same way we announce all the other MTO's

The first set to be released are currently available in our shop.  

We are pretty excited to offer this as a regular item...we hope you all like it too.