Monday, January 14, 2013

Time For a Check In

It's been a while since I gave you all an update on how we are doing,  I figured now would be a good time.

The new year has begun and its already a busy one.  Our team has jumped right back in to the swing of things with a vengeance.  We have new faces helping us out in the shop and we will be bringing in some more as soon as we can find them.  

We are extremely thankful for the new help,  our little shop has grown even during the "slow" season... between Christmas and New Years.  Its amazing and absolutely wonderful that we have been able to touch so many lives by making something whose sole purpose is to bring happiness and comfort into folks lives.  Thinking about it just makes me smile.

Now for the basic news update...

Our MTO's have been a huge hit and we will continue to offer them...we have decided to reduce their numbers a bit and release them once a week.  This is so we can focus on the other things we want to all comes down to time and energy distribution.  Both of those are finite and we need to make room for different things.  As we add more folks to our team, we can readdress what we need to do and maybe increase as we go.

This means that Fridays will officially be our MTO day.  I will both Tweet and post on FB when they are up.

We have found out over the past few days that we will have to eliminate some options.  Apparently the ability to keep adding choices whenever we want is not really an option...who knew?  So over this week, we will be culling out the yarns to what we can have.  What this means is that some RTG's will definitely not be able to be made as an MTO...sorry.

Speaking of RTG's,  we will be bringing their numbers up over the next few weeks.  You will start to notice an increase in the numbers this week actually.  I will be asking from time to time for your input on colors.

You will continue to see the Ponies and Unicorns each many as Christine can make we will put up. 

We have a bunch of other new things we are dying to bring to life for you so you will start to notice them come along bit by bit.  We're pretty excited about this...just in case you couldn't tell.  Keep an eye on the RTG uploads...of course. will start to see some new Critters in the lineup...No better time than spring to introduce new fluffily pals.  Wouldn't you say?  Again as we add more folks to help out,  these numbers will increase.  So they will be small at first but just hang in there...more will be along soon.

Now,  while we are on the subject of new things...we have decided to call our newest body style "Sprites"  

This would be the new body style I created for my girls this year.  These will begin showing up in the RTG uploads soon.  I am beyond excited about these guys.  Seriously, they are pretty awesome.  Some will have weft hair and others will be yarn hair.  They will vary on price depending on the type of hair they have and what accessories they have. I'll have more info on them as soon as we have our first few ready to upload.  
These will not be made available as MTO.

We are starting off 2013 on a very busy note.  We are now making between 35-40 or so dolls each week, plus the Critters.  We would like to increase the Critter numbers to at least the same amount as the dolls and perhaps increase the number of dolls as well.  We also intend to have regular clothing uploads as soon as Carrie is in full swing.

We have some things in the works to reach out locally a lot more.  Can you believe that there is only a tiny handful of folks in the DFW metroplex area who even know we exist?  With a local area population of over 6,600,000 (this is just the DFW metroplex area), I think they need to know about us and what we do.  Don't you?  They will be overjoyed to find out we are here in their own back yard.  

OK, that is all the news I have for today.  Its time for me to get ready to head to the shop and then bring my littles to their art class...ah yes, back to the busy schedule of work and kiddos activities.  

Have a great day all,  Peace