Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Morning!

Good morning! I can finally say I am alive! :) 

Its been pretty much a whole! I am fine and able to get back to work. It is a day of working from home for me...I just get way more done in my quiet corner of my sewing room...and boy, do I need to get some things done.

I want to thank everyone for all your patience. I will be focusing over the next few days on getting all caught back up again...yes, I will indeed be taking it easy...not overdoing it. However, since I am the one who sews all the faces on the dollies and I have not worked seriously in a week, we have a HUGE group that need that done so they can ship to their new mamas. One thing this recent bout has illustrated to me is a need to make it so things do not come to a screeching stop if I am unable to work for some reason. The ladies depend on this income to support their families. Ah, nothing like a serious hiccup to illustrate what needs to be changed :)

Again, thanks for being patient with me :) I promise we will get it all back on track...hang in there. You all are awesome.

Have a great day!