Friday, February 1, 2013


Good morning all,  I figured it best to post this info here so you all can read it over.

Many of you know we were seriously sick a couple weeks ago.  It kind of threw our schedule off a bit.
Anyway, a few weeks ago we asked you all for feedback on what colors should stay as MTO options.  We appreciate everyone who jumped in to let us hear your voice.  After looking it all over, it appears as though the natural colors have it.  I have to agree, we do not tend to do a whole lot of natural color dolls for RTG so that is definitely something we need to provide for those of you who want it.

So,  we have decided to keep all the natural colors...blonde, brown etc and eliminate the funky colors from the options.  

I am releasing a whole new group of MTO's today, well, they will be up in the shop by the time this post is shared.  You will notice no changes have been made just yet to the options.  We thought it would be good to let you all know what changes are being made then have one more release with ALL the options so folks who were planning on it can get the funky colors one more time.

That's all the info I have to share for now,  have a great day.