Friday, November 22, 2013

Be A Secret Angel

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing.

Its a perfect opportunity to bring a smile to someone that you know could use a little uplifting.

This is exactly what we here at team DFH want to do...and we want you to help us out.

We have some adorable friends that we would like to send to a few families in time for Christmas.  Here is where you come in...

We all know folks who have had a tough time this year...maybe they suffered with illness, or the loss of a family member...maybe mom or dad are deployed away from home and they are looking at a Christmas without them....or maybe, they are struggling financially and they are worried about how they are going to have Christmas this year.  

We want to help make their Christmas unforgettable...
one that they will always remember as the year a random gift showed up at their door from an anonymous person...for no other reason than someone they know wanted to be sure they had a wonderful Christmas.

Let's make their Christmas a fantastic where they feel and KNOW they are loved by others around them.  Here's what to do...

Send us an email with the full name of the family you are nominating.  Tell us why you are nominating them.  

Send your email to

A Christmas package will be sent anonymously to the chosen families containing one or more of these friends and perhaps a few other random many depends on how many children are in the family and their ages.

Be sure to include in your email...

-The full name of the family 
- The reason why you are nominating them
- Their mailing address
-  The amount of children in the family as well as their ages

Let us know about them...why are you nominating them for this?  What sort of things do they like?  Favorite get the idea.

- Please only send ONE email per submission.

You have from today Friday (Novermber 22) thru Sunday, December 1st to send your submission in to us.  

Now, keep in mind...this is anonymous...we will not send you an email notifying you whether or not your nominee has been chosen.  We will not let the families know who exactly nominated them...the whole fun of this is their surprise....this will be your little secret.

A few other things...

We here at team DFH will choose the families from the entries we receive.

We are unable to respond to every submission to let you know we received it...sorry, we are a tiny team of mamas and time is just not one of those things we have in abundance.  

Again, please only send one email per submission.

The packages will be shipped out during the month of December to arrive in time for Christmas.

I think I covered all the details...let's all make someone's year!