Monday, February 3, 2014

Mystical Mama Gaia and Wee Baby Tahra

Deep in the forest dwelling amongst the moss covered rocks and earthy tree roots, Mystical Mama Gaia lives with her sweet baby Tahra.

Mama Gaia is a guardian of the forest.  She watches over all manner of flora and fauna.

When an animal or plant becomes ill or weak, she is there helping to nurse them back to health.  When a new youngling is born, she is the first one present to welcome the new babe to their world.  She takes her tasks seriously as she loves all the living creatures in charge.

Her task is not an easy one especially for a mama of a wee one.  As we all know, wee babies are quite a task all on their own. There are always things that must be done for the forest as well as Wee Baby Tahra.  So she does what many other mamas do every day...she does the best she can each day.

Mama Gaia was born with a dragonfly birthmark and wee baby Tahra seems to have been born with it as well.  Perhaps this means she too will be a forest guardian one day when she grows up.

Wee Baby Tahra is a busy little one.  She loves to snuggle with mama.  She always has a great big smile.  She love to coo and make sounds as though she is talking to you.  It is apparent that this little one, some day will have lots and lots to say.

So, how, you ask, does a sweet earth mama care for her youngling while also carrying out her very important forest tasks?  Well, she wears her in her leaf sling of course.

She can bring her everywhere she goes.  Wee Baby Tahra can nap while mama works.  When she is awake, Mama Gaia can wrap the sling around her back and Wee Baby Tahra can ride along and see everything mama is doing.  She can feel and hear mama all around her all the time and mama knows her sweet baby is safe and cozy.

Some day, Wee baby Tahra will be too big for the sling.  She will want more freedom to roam the forest...away from mama but not too far at first.

There is no doubt that Mama Gaia will find some way to watch over her little when that time comes.  Until then, she will enjoy wearing her wee babe.  She will enjoy this precious time to snuggle and cuddle her as much as she can today and each day.

Mystical Mama Gaia and Wee Baby Tahra are the second addition of our Special Edition Elementals group.  They are going to be sold via auction in our Hyena Cart store.  The auction will go live today (2/3) at 6:00 pm central (7:00 pm Eastern) It will run until tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:00 pm central (10:00 pm Eastern)

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