Friday, June 13, 2014

A New Way to Get Your Dream Doll

A New Way to Get Your Dream Doll...

Years ago, in fact many years ago...prior to the internet, the only way to purchase a Waldorf Inspired or traditional Waldorf Doll was to go visit a maker.  Much like coming to our little shop in Denton, you would visit with the maker either at fairs or festivals or even in her studio.  You would sit and chat and be able to touch and feel all the materials that will be used to make your doll.  You held up yarns to skin to get an accurate idea of how well the combinations will go together.  You were able to handle the dolls in person prior to ever making a purchase.  It was personal, friendly, natural.  It was an experience of it's own.  No stress, no rush...just you, the materials and the maker, quietly going thru all your options.  You walked away with a happy feeling.

Now, move forward many years.  Over the past several years a new phenomenon has taken hold of the Waldorf inspired doll making world.  More often than not, dolls are sold on the internet in fast selling uploads or auctions.  It's a race to the finish for who can cart and purchase a doll fastest or who can pay the highest price.

Many people walk away from this experience feeling disenchanted.  I have lost count how many times I received emails or messages from a heartbroken mama who missed out on her dream doll in this very manner.  Even worse is when a child sees that doll, gets her heart set on him or her and then mama is unable to get thru checkout fast enough.  I am pretty sure many people reading this right now, know all too well how this feels.

This is completely disconnected from what Waldorf is.  True Waldorf is not angst ridden or competitive.  It is calm, natural...peaceful and beautiful. There should be no sadness involved.

We feel like we already have enough stress and frustration in our lives these days.  Buying a special doll for your child should not be one of those stressful things.  It should be fun, calm and interactive.  It should be a comfortable, natural experience.  You should be able to order the doll you want...handle the materials in person and see the colors in person.

Ever since we moved into our little shop space in Denton, we have been able to have a completely different experience.  One far removed from the stress and rush of online, super fast, stressful uploads.  One that was more connected, warm and natural.

We have had many visitors come by.  Folks come in and we give them a little tour of our shop, showing them what we do and how we do it.  They are able to touch and feel all the materials.  They pick up and hold the dolls.  They actually feel them in their hands.  More than once, we end up sitting in our cozy overstuffed chairs and just chat and visit.

You see, ordering a doll at the shop is an experience.  It's tactile, friendly and personal.  You hold the materials, chat, visit and design the doll you want right there in person with actual live input.  Its relaxed and calm.  You get to know us a little better and we get to know you.

We wanted to find a way to bring that very same in shop experience to everyone.

Now, having a shop like our little shop in Denton in every city in the country, is just not possible.  And, packing up our family and traveling all around the country, is just not possible either....even though, between you and I, I really did float this very idea once, years ago, to my hubby and kids :) ...suffice to say, they were not on board with that idea.

So How Do We Plan To Bring This Personal Experience to You?

Well, not being able to personally travel all over and not being able to open a tiny shop in every city of the country, we opted for the next best thing...bringing on consultant mamas who can hold in home parties or go to fairs and festivals.  These mamas can represent us in their local areas.  Thru these wonderful mamas we can offer the whole in shop experience for everyone.

Our mamas learn all about DFH...all the people behind the scenes.  What goes into making one of our lovelies.  Our history and what makes DFH so special.  They have samples to touch and play with to feel in person.  They have dolls and Critters to take with them so you can see what a finished item is before you make that purchase.

Even better, you get to see first hand, in person how your child reacts to one of our lovelies.

Our mamas are wonderful ladies.  They love DFH and they know first hand the joy it brings to see your child play with a special one of a kind friend made by hand with love.

How Does it Work?

Basically just how you imagine...You schedule a party.

To make it easy to find the nearest mama to you, we have created a Find a Consultant page that is available right on our website.  Here is a link...

Our consultant mamas will arrive with a mountain of goodies.  Your friends arrive and you all visit with our mama as she takes you on a little tour of how your doll will be created from start to finish.  You learn about DFH and the folks who make these lovely dolls.

You get to touch the materials...handle the dolls and get a feel for what makes these dolls so special.
Holding up swatches and samples, you get to see in person which colors go together best for your taste.  You can get feedback from your friends and of course our consultant mama.

You get to sit, chat and laugh while you choose your options.  It is basically our in shop experience in your home.

Even better?  Our hostess mamas get to earn in shop credit up to 10% of every purchase made at her party.  We also have monthly gift incentives of free items just for you for having booked a party.

Don't want to have a party?  Don't have a consultant mama near you yet? No big deal, contact one of our mamas.  If she is local to you, find out where she is going to be set up next and drop by and visit.  If you are not close enough to visit, message her anyway and let her know you would like to find out more about placing an order.  She is more than happy to take orders a la carte and submit them for you.

These mamas really are wonderfully sweet ladies.

What is Our Vision for the Future of DFH?

In case it's not obvious by now, let's just say that a company where thousands of dolls are mass produced in factories overseas, is just NOT what we are willing to do with DFH.  We love the fact that we only use the highest quality materials produced by small companies...most of which are right here in the US.  We love the fact that our small army of sewing mamas are all right here in our community.  Its always fun to meet someone local for the first time, tell them what we do, then have them shout out that they have seen our mamas around town sewing dolls or crocheting.   It always ends with a loud "WOW! How wonderful?"

We want to have a more organic, comfortable friendship with our customers.  One where you actually know a member of our met with her in person.  You chatted and visited, shared stories of your adorable kiddos...and actually saw how much you have in common with one another.  We are all mamas and papas...we all love our kiddos more than life itself.  We all want only the best for them.

Our goal is to have one mama in every major city.  She will be the contact for local mamas in the area to meet with and have their own personal in shop experience.  She is a part of our team...our personal connection with everyone out there.

She brings DFH to your living get to purchase a doll exactly like you would if you lived here in DFW.  No stress, no rush, no anxiety.  Only fun, happiness, excitement and friendship.  We feel like this is the ideal form of growth for DFH.

Want to Find out How to Become one of Our Consultant Mamas?

Our team is growing and thus it is still in its infant stages.  We do not yet have a mama local in every area...we are working on that as we speak.  Every week, we receive new orders placed thru our mamas.

If you think you are interested in becoming one of our Consultant mamas, visit this page for some initial information and then feel free to email or message to ask us any questions you may have...