Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Don't Look Down.....

"Don't look down, look straight ahead at eye level.  Take a full 30" step forward and let nature take it's course."  
This is what my Marine Corps drill instructor said to me so many years ago as I stood at the top of the 60" tall rappelling tower.  To be honest, she added some colorful interjections as she stood on the ground shouting up at me.  

This moment comes to mind again today.  These are the words that keep playing out in my head over and over again as I sit here this morning typing out this announcement to share with you all.  I feel like once again, I am standing at the edge of that tower and it's time to take that full 30" step forward.

By now, you all are wondering..."OK, so what is the big deal?"  or thinking "Get on with it Nancy."  Let's do that now...

Six years ago, after being prodded by a couple of friends, I went onto a not very well known website called Etsy, opened a shop and put a single doll up for sale.  I didn't really think much about it at the time, I logged off and went to bed.  

The following morning, I woke up to a message in my email notifying me that I sold something and a sweet message from a mama in Australia who cheerily said, 
"Yay!  I just bought the first ever Dragonfly's Hollow doll!  Cheers and best of luck to you going forward."  

From then on, we all know the rest is pretty much history...I would make one doll at a time and put them in the shop...they would sell and I would make more.  

Time kept moving, I enlisted the help of family and friends and DFH grew.  It kept growing and moving in this forward direction, taking on a life of it's own.  It's been an awesome ride, to say the least.

There have indeed been bumps in the road, mistakes made as well as good decisions, bad decisions and amazing opportunities to touch the hearts of so many precious people.

About two years ago, I started chatting with my sweet friend Mel Scamuffa.  I told her if DFH were ever to grow I would want to do it in a way that helps other folks to grow and enrich their lives...I would want it to make a difference for others.  That was when the seed was sewn for this very moment.

You see, as you grow a business, there is always pressure to grow...grow more, grow bigger.  The pressure comes from all around.  I have done a lot of thinking about the direction that is best for DFH to take.  There have been lots of discussions and debates about the whole subject.  We have had numerous shops contact us to wholesale our items, even had discussions with a buyer for FAO Schwartz.  We just never felt comfortable with going that route.  It just did not fit with our philosophy of making a difference in people's lives.  It just did not seem to fit at all. 

So what is it we intend to do, you ask?  Well, we have decided that if DFH is to ever grow any more than it has so far, it will only happen with all of you.  That is why we are officially inviting you all to join our team and become a consultant for DFH.  

That's right, you read correctly...as of today, DFH is officially taking on consultants to partner with us.  

Like I said, the only growth we want to see is growth where we are enriching the lives of others...making a difference in real people's lives.  

We are opening up a limited number of slots at a time.  Each new consultant will be an independent business person...this is YOUR business endeavor.  You will make it be whatever you want it to be.  We will be your support,  your encouragement, your community so to say.  

How will it work?  Well, it's not much different than many other such organizations.  You hold in home parties, have a good time and show off the awesomeness that is DFH.  Take the orders and send them to us.  We then fill the orders, and ship them back to you.  As the consultant, you would then make sure everything is right and then distribute the items to your customers.  We have an online forum for you to go to for support and encouragement.  You can call us or email us with questions.  Basically, our job is to support you and your business.  Our super awesome friend Mel has agreed to come on board and help lead our troop of consultants.  To help come up with ideas and to encourage.  She will be heading up the forum.

 Now, this is all new.  It has never been done before in this sort of way, so I will be honest with you...we are heading into uncharted territory.  There will be bumps in the road, there will be changes made to things...additional things added.  As we progress, we will talk with you and as a team we will guide this thing together.  This will be our combined endeavor. 

We are limiting the number of consultants we will take on at first...then continuing to add members bit by bit.  

So, we are inviting you to join us on this wild ride.

We are standing at the edge of the tower and I am inviting you to take that full 30" step forward with me.  

Follow the link below to our web page we have put together with more info.  I am sure you will have lots more questions, so please join us in our forum and we will answer all of the ones you have. 

Join Our Team

As time goes on and our consultants grow, we will diminish our RTG uploads.  Our goal is that over time, we will eliminate RTG uploads altogether making it so that the only way to get a DFH will be thru one of our consultants.