Monday, April 7, 2014

A Whole New Website...wooo hoooo!

We have a new website!  

Some of you might have noticed it over the went live on Friday and we sneak peeked it onto Twitter for an advance sneak peek.

We are super excited...its been a long time since we revamped things around here :)

You will notice a couple of positive changes...

First, it's easier than ever to view our galleries.  The first group, of course, being the weekly preview group.  Then the rest are broken down by the type of doll or set they are.

Next, our updated Calendar will make it easier to update you on what is happening and when.  You will also notice, at the bottom of the page, we have installed an easy time zone converter so those of you outside of the US and our time zone will have an easier time figuring out what time our uploads are.

You will also notice one little addition to the website that is completely new for us...our

This is where we will be moving our Team DFH FB page as well as our Mama Made FB group page...don't worry, it will be over time but by the end of the month, both of those pages will be migrated to our discussion forums.  It's no secret that FB has undergone many changes recently that have inhibited our ability to interact with our followers.  We would like to control our own communication so we feel as though it is better for us to move our own discussions away from FB.  
No , we are not leaving our main business page...that will remain exactly how it is.  No worries on that. Just our more personal chit chat and non business related things will be moved over to our forum.  

Speaking of will also notice we have a Newsletter sign up right on our page.  We are in the process of migrating our huge list of folks who have signed up for the newsletter from our shop to our Mailchimp list of folks who have signed up thru our FB link.  We will soon be able to send out one Newsletter to our entire group of folks who have signed up.  
Speaking of our newsletter...if you haven't signed up already...go on and pop over to the page and sign up :)

Want to contact us?  
We have made that easier as well...sure you can message us thru FB but you now can also submit the form thru our Contact Us page.  

I am so excited to unveil our new site...Andy did an amazing job creating it for us.  I am in love with how it looks and how easy it will make it to find all the info you need to know about us.  There are so many exciting things happening here at DFH...this is step number one.  It is such an exciting time for us.

Pop on by the website and take a good look around.  Join our forum and sign up for our newsletter...if you aren't already following us on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, hop on over and join us there as well.  There are so many different ways to keep up with all that is happening at DFH, so however is your favorite way, hop on board and join us.  We have a pretty major announcement coming up in the next week or you will definitely want to be around for that :)

Have a great day everyone...oh...and, keep your eyes peeled for a few random listings coming up :)