Friday, March 14, 2014


We decided to make a few changes to our Snuggle Doll bodies...

First up...body style

We decided we wanted their bodies to be extremely our Sprites.  So, we have switched over to a Sprite-style body.  The arms are still the same as they were, the only real change here is the fact that the legs are attached to the torso exactly like our Sprites, JW and Pixies

Next....Snuggle Dragon changes...

We decided to switch out the wool felt parts for cotton velour. 

And finally...our newest Snuggle Doll...Snuggle Bugs!

These guys speak for themselves :)  Named after the nickname I used to call my now 16yo son when he was a wee babe, Snuggle Bugs are just that :)  

They have dragonfly wings and little antennae attached to their heads.

We're pretty happy with the changes...we think they make our Snuggle Dolls even better...we are pretty sure you will agree.