Monday, March 3, 2014

Mystical Mama Aurora and Wee Baby Nova


Special Edition

Mystical Mama Aurora and Wee Baby Nova

Mystical Mama Aurora is a 16" tall DFH Fae.

She has knee and elbow joints that allow for a full range of free movement.  She also has butt cheeks :)

She has golden skin, brown eyes and gorgeous silky smooth, mohair weft hair with rainbow highlights.

Mama Aurora is wearing a beautiful dress and hand crocheted shoes with wooden buttons.


Wee Baby Nova is a 7" tall DFH Wee Baby

She has knee and elbow dimples as well as butt cheeks :)

Like her mama, her skin is golden interlock knit.  She has brushed mohair for her hair with rainbow highlights to match her mama.  

She comes wearing a cotton velour diaper and rainbow knit sleeper.

Baby Nova loves to wear her baby like her mama wears her.  She brings her teeny baby with her everywhere.

Baby Nova has a little over the shoulder bag to carry her baby in and mama Aurora has a hand knit sling with a large wooden button to carry Nova.

Mystical Mama Aurora and Wee Baby Nova share matching dragonfly birthmarks.

Mystical Mama Aurora and Wee Baby Nova are a Special Edition set.  They are truly a one of a kind duo.  

In the past, we have put Special Edition dolls up for shake things up a bit, we have decided that this time, we would place them for sale in our shop online.  They will be available today at 12:00 pm central US time.  
They will be $500 USD