Thursday, October 16, 2014

Declan and Poe

Long ago there was a wild haired boy with bright blue eyes, named Declan who lived alone with his mother.  He was a very bright boy with an amazing imagination.  Unfortunately, he did not have many friends his own age, but that did not bother him too much, he loved to spend time alone reading or just chatting with the older folks he knew so well. 

Of course, Declan still dreamt of the day when he would find a friend with whom to share adventures.

One day, Declan was sitting by the seaside, drawing in his sketchbook.  The wind began to blow and the waves of the water began to churn.  As he looked on, something under the water seemed to be heading to the shore...right towards him!

As the waves were crashing on the shore, he thought he saw what appeared to be a hoof and a mane.  He strained his eyes to see if he could make out more details.

He stood up and stared in awe as he watched a creature come crashing thru the waves, landing on the beach.  This creature had a grey, green body, what seemed to be purple hued hooves and hair that looked just like seaweed in green, gold and purple.

The strange creature worked its way directly to him.  Now of course he was terrified, but his legs would not move.  

The creature came so close he could feel it's breath on his face.  Declan had a strange sensation that he was not in danger so he reached out and gently touched the snout of the strange animal.  It felt damp but fur like.  The creature leaned into his hand.  

Declan reached up and touched the mane.  It felt wet like the body but also kind of slick, like seaweed.

All of a sudden, the creature spoke.  "My name is Poe" he said.  "I, I am Declan" he responded in a semi state of shock.  Who would have ever thought such a creature existed let alone be able to speak.

After that, it was as though the flood gates had been open.  The two began to chat with one another.  They talked for hours and hours.  Declan told Poe all about his life and his dreams of adventure and Poe shared details about his life under the water and all the amazing things he had seen.  

They made a date to meet up the following day at the same time.  

Once again, as the day before, the two spent hours talking and playing.  

This went on for day and weeks.  The two became the best of friends.  

They spent many years by the lakeside talking and sharing.  They were inseparable.  

Many years had passed, and Declan had grown into a strong young man.  Gone was the little boy, he longed to venture out into the world and find his adventures.  He and Poe planned out that they would leave together and explore the world.  

On a bright autumn morning, Declan hugged his mom goodbye and carrying his backpack, he walked to seaside to meet Poe.  

The water churned and up from the waves rose Poe.  He waded up to the edge of the beach.  Declan reached into Poe's mane and held on tight.  Poe turned rapidly about and dove into the waves bringing Declan with him.  The two rode the waves together wind blowing their hair.  They headed off to points unknown off to whatever adventures the world had in store for them.  You could hear their shouts of joy as they swam away.

Now, of course this is not the end.  The two spent me nay years traveling the world, visiting many places.  They would return every few months or so with trinkets and stories to share with Declan's mom.  They would spend a few days at a time visiting and then they would head out again.

Always off on a new adventure, always off to see new things, always together.

It is said to this day that if you sit quietly by the seaside, when the wind begins to blow, if you look closely in the choppy waves, you just might see them riding together heading for another adventure.

Declan and Poe, best friends forever.