Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meet Billie Irby - Our DFH Mama in Colorado Springs, CO

 We are a family of 7 and live in Woodland Park, near Colorado Springs. 

The loss of a Waldorf inspired doll brought me to Dragonfly's Hollow and their adorable dolls and critters. The lost doll still holds a special place in my sons heart, since it was made by his German Waldorf Preschool Teacher as a good bye gift, but to be able to pick a new one in the size and colors he likes, makes the loss a little easier. 

We are trying to combine Rudolf Steiner and his believes into our daily life and just mix it as it fits us; finding the right balance is not always easy. Growing up in a different country and in the countryside made me expect certain things for us as parents. I love to carry my children, before they decided to keep on going with their own little legs. Now they carry their dolls and other things around.

We had the pleasure of meeting Billie on our family road trip as we passed thru Colorado Springs.  I can tell you she is a joy to chat with.  She has her hands full with a crew   of little ones, but she handles it all so well.  

If you are in the Colorado Springs are, give her a call or drop her an email.  You will find out for yourself exactly how awesome she is.