Thursday, October 29, 2015

Giving a Little Love

Its been a while since I have had time to sit down and do any sort of writing, with our large family, life always seems to get crazy.  

I promise to have an update about DFH for you all real soon..there are so many things going on around here with so many changes, I am excited to share it all with you.

For now though, I want to tell you about a couple things we have done in the past few months that make me happy and I want your help in doing it a little more.

 A few months ago, a sweet mama who has been a part of our online DFH family for several years, came to me and asked if we had any dolls to donate to her special needs classroom.  She said they did not have to be perfect dollies, she just wanted something that the kids could love on and play with.  I offered her two dollies we had.  They were not perfect quality, not our best work so to say, but they are adorable and perfect for a classroom setting with lots of children.  

She happily accepted my offer.

I packaged up the dollies and sent them to her school.  Over the following weeks, I received photos of our dollies at play in the hands of adorable little boys and girls.  They were making a difference in the lives of kiddos who needed it.  Giving comfort on days when their little friends are just not feeling their best about being around other people.  

I do not need to tell you that this made my heart swell.  

Knowing that our not so perfect dollies...were out there making children happy.  They were doing exactly what they were made to do...bring comfort and happiness to children.  

Now, about two weeks ago I was contacted by another sweet mama up in Canada.  She was looking for donations for the Stollery Children's Hospital in Alberta.  You all know I have a serious soft spot for sick kiddos.  I offered her a small group of donation dollies...she happily accepted.

Yesterday, this sweet group was packaged up and sent on their way to their new home in the hospital to be played with by kiddos who really need a friend in a time of need.

This, is what its all about.  This is why we do what we do.  

So....this is where you all come in...

I have a few more dollies, not many, but a few, just like these dollies.  They are adorable and ready for homes but they are not necessarily dollies we can put up for sale.  They all have one or two flaws...these flaws actually make them perfect for this very purpose.  They will make wonderful contributions to a facility where sick children or children with special needs come and spend their time. They are perfect for bringing smiles to little faces that might otherwise show fear.

What I need from you is a little help....

I want to find 2-3 more facilities that could benefit from having a group of adorable, less than perfect, dollies around for their kiddos to snuggle and care for.  

I am betting that among our followers, we have at least a couple of folks who are either running or working for an organization or special needs classroom or who knows someone who does.  I want to hear from you...

Like I said, I have some more less than perfect dollies in need of a good would make my heart sing to know they are out there in the world doing some good for young kiddos in need.

So...if you are a non profit organization or work for one please email me with your info asap.  If you know of a non profit organization that could benefit from these dollies, then please forward this blog post with my contact info to the folks who run it, and have them contact me.

Please be aware, time is sensitive on this, I only have a limited number to give, so the sooner folks contact me the better.

Email me at 

Peace and Love to all,