Monday, November 9, 2015


Its been a while since I sat down and gave you all an update of any sort on how things are going here at DFH.  Seems like now would be a great time so here goes...

As many of you know, this year has been a big year of changes for me and my family.  These changes have been both personal and business related.  

On a business level, since moving our shop back home its been great...lots of time with family and a much slower pace.  I have enjoyed that a lot.  It has been a very welcome change to our lives.  

On a personal level, things remained pretty much the same once they calmed down.  That too was a welcome change.

But time keeps moving forward and change is a natural thing so, true to how life is and how things are always changing, we are heading into a period of change once again.

A few months ago, Robert (Mr DFH) got a phone call from a good friend he worked with several years ago.  His friend informed him that the company he was working for was looking for someone to fill a position and that he knew Robert was the man for that job.  Now, for privacy reasons, I will not say what that company is, but I will say that Robert is a pretty well known figure among folks who work with a certain technology system.  He has been a Director, Sr Director or VP for many years overseeing these systems and managing people all over the world.  Its kind of funny thinking that in the DFH world, he was just Mr DFH...that nice guy who kept business details straight and was always pleasant to chat with but in his world, he was the big boss to hundreds of folks.

Anyway, after much discussion and thought, we decided that he should leave his current position and take this new opportunity.  After all, you only live once :)  It would be fun for him and, as always, an adventure for the rest of us :)

So, Robert became the Sr Director overseeing systems and folks all over the US.  Luckily he has several really good managers working for him to help him out.  His new job will involve lots of traveling.  Mostly to the New England area, New York, Arizona and of course back here to Texas. 

Now for the rest of us, we too will be doing a lot of traveling...between those very same areas. We like being together :)  Which after much discussion, all the kids are happily on board to do.  Like I said, it will be an adventure  :)

So...what does this mean for DFH?  Well, the first bit is obvious, Robert is no longer really able to help me with the day to day running of things.  He will still do things like ordering supplies when I need it and of course helping with the accounting part of things.  But the rest of things will all be in my court once again.

Now for the second bit. As I said we will be traveling a lot as a family.  This means there will be less time spent making lots of dolls and more time spent making a smaller number of them.  It means that I get to slow things down a little more and start doing other things creatively with the dolls.  traveling is a great time to get new inspiration and to sit quietly working on one thing adding special details.  I am pretty excited about this part.

So, this week will be the last week we have a whole bunch of dolls available all throughout the week.  Starting next week I will be implementing some will be gradual :)  Our RTG numbers will eventually be smaller and the dolls we do make will have more fine details...more fun details.  This does mean that some of these dolls will indeed be more expensive than our previous dolls.  

I have several new designs swirling around in my head and I am dying to get them made...I really think you all are gonna love them. Things are going to become less regimented and much more free flowing.  Yes we will still, as always, have our Thursday RTG upload. 

We will also be bringing back the Mama Mades.  Remember those? For those of you who are new, many, many years ago we had a line of blank dollies that allowed mamas to put their own creativity into them.  We had full length videos to help along the way.  It was fun and I made many sweet friends while we did this.  This new Mama Made line will have some big differences from the original one.  I am still hammering out the details and schedule but suffice to say, you all will love what I am cooking up for you :)  Look for this early next year :)  
OK so that is it...I hope I did not bore you too much.  I am so thankful for all of you who have been along for this crazy ride we are on.  Its always been an adventure and its only going to keep on being one.  I happily look forward to all the traveling coming up and seeing all the fun new ideas come to life.  As a family, we are not yet sure if we are going to stay in Texas or if we will move back home to Mass...or...who knows.  We have plenty of time to sort that rush :)

You have a great and peaceful day,  it is time for me to get started on some work :)

Peace and love all,