Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9

Thought I would share the images of the finished cuties from last week.

Here are your trio Meg...

Liz's girls...

Isabel's sweetie...

Charlene, your guy is finished...just waiting for his sweater :o)

Denise, just waiting on his clothes.


This week is going to be another busy week. The customs I will be working on re for...


On top of these, I will be posting a 12 inch girl today sometime with ruby red and brown hair named Madeline. I will also be working on and posting a tan skinned brown haired girl very similar to Sabrina and Serafina...still working on a name for her. I hope to have her up by Friday.

I have the November giveaway doll standing by :o) Actually, she is waiting for her clothes. I will try to get those done today so that maybe we can start that giveaway tomorrow. I will keep you posted on all comes down to time :o)


I have received lots of inquiries lately for customs or even shop dolls. I know the shop is a bit empty right now, but hang in there guys. I promise to have lots of awesome cuties to choose from in an array of colors. This week is going to be the last week this heavy with customs so you will begin to see more dolls next week...promise :o)

So, with all of that, I am off to work on some friends :o) Enjoy your day