Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update first week of November...

Thought I would put up an update of how things look as of this morning :o) This is literally how they all look at the moment. Its not the best image, but its not bad for having been taking in my sewing room with minimal lighting...not to mention my horrible photography skills :o) It will at least give you all an idea of where we are.

Isabel, your gal needs her hair trimmed and her sweater knit (almost done).

Liz, Your two gals need their hair :o) I have their first set of clothes done...images are below. They still need their second ensembles and sweaters.

Meg, your trio are as cute as can be. I need to finish up the clothing and put the white patch in our little PJ guy's hair.

Charlene, well, he needs clothes...did you want freckles too?

Denise, he too needs his clothes :o) and a trim of his hair

Liz, here is the first image, sorry about the horrible coloring. I thought it would at least give you an idea as to the style :o)

Isabel, Here are your two outfits. Let me know your thoughts.

OK guys, I need names for these cuties so think them over and get back with me please :o)

I will be working on them today. Hopefully I will get most of the final things done and at least a sweater or two :o)

I am also working on two more shop dolls for this week as well as my cutie for the November giveaway. She should be ready to go by Monday morning :o) I have a 12 inch and a 16 inch coming out in the shop in the next couple of days :o)

That's it for now...