Monday, November 30, 2009

And the winner is...LELAN :o)

The winner this month for our lovely little cutie is Lelan.

Our girl's new name is Li-Ming...

Congratulations Lelan...Enjoy her :o)


I finally finished all the custom orders for November...whew! It was a lot. I have a few orders I am now working on and I might be able to squeeze in another one or two...I'll know more in a day or two.

I am pretty excited about this week. I have been working on all new Faeries and I finally have it all worked out :o) So, I will be listing two faeries this week. One is autumn colored, the other is green...her name will be Anise. Not sure about the Autumn toned one yet. Anyway, they will be awesome :o) If they turn out half as gorgeous in person as they are in my head you will LOVE them :o) I will post pics of them when they are done...promise.


Today I am taking the day off to play :o) We're making wool felt garlands of gingerbread men and snowmen and some cookies...I love this time of year :o) I will get back to work tomorrow :o)

Until next time, have a great day :o)