Monday, April 25, 2011


“I call dibs!” 

Remember that one?

We wanted to do something that would both be fun and rewarding for you guys as well as help us to grow.  So this is what we decided to do.


Yep, it means what you think it does.  One person will be given the right to call dibs on their dream doll out of one upload.  This means that that doll is theirs alone for purchase.  We will send you a paypal invoice to pay…no upload angst or stress. 

Here is how we will do it:

“DIBS!” every 100 – every time we reach another 100 followers on fb, we will draw a new name and mail out the card.

“DIBS +10!” every 500 – this drawing will have a twist.  The dibs winner will also get a discount of 10% off of that very doll…uh huh

The drawing winners will receive a Dibs card in the mail.  The card will have their name on it as well as their one of a kind, one time use code. You will have 12 months to use your dibs code. 

Each dibs winner is allowed to purchase ONE doll of their choosing ONE time from any upload. It is not transferable.  It is only valid for the original winner.

To Enter:

Send an email to 

In it be sure to include:

Your full name and complete mailing address.  Make sure this info is correct.

We will have our first drawing when we reach 2100 followers

To Redeem:

Every Wednesday we post preview pics on our page of the dolls to be uploaded the following Thursday evening.  If you are a dibs holder and your dream doll is in that upload, you simply send us an email with your name, shipping address, Paypal email address and dibs code along with which doll it is you wish to call dibs on. Shipping info and dibs code must match our entry records. 

We will pull that doll from the upload and send you a Paypal invoice for that doll. If you are Dibs +10 holder, the price will reflect the discount.   

You must notify us by 9 am central time on the day of the upload if there is a doll you wish to call dibs on.  This way we can be fair to everyone else and let them know that a particular doll will not be available that day.

You will have 24 hours to complete the transaction.  If after 24 hours, the transaction has not been completed, the doll will be released for sale to anyone else.